Saturday, October 1, 2011

{a journey of a thousand miles - blogtoberfest day I}

Shadow Shot

Hello peeps, and welcome!  Welcome to another year of Blogtoberfest!

It's been lovely to see so many people signing up, to see so many familiar names on the list and then so many new ones.  I love to think of the connections that get made each year.

Like I was saying yesterday I've been amazed to watch Blogtoberfest grow over the years.  I can still remember being absolutely gob-smacked by the response to the first Blogtoberfest four years ago, and I continue to be delighted by the response to it now.  It's become a landmark time for me each year.  A time when I reflect a lot on my creative journey, revisit my dreams and aspirations and think about where I'm heading next.

I hope that Blogtoberfest will bring something special for you also.  New connections, renewed blogging mojo {hint hint HB}, a chance to stretch yourself, an invitation to put some big dreams out into the world, or perhaps just an opportunity to celebrate the every day moments that make your life's journey.  Whatever you find throughout the next month I hope it's wonderful.

I'll be back tomorrow with {sunday snippets} and you'd be welcome to join me.

Monday I've got a travelers guide to Blogtoberfest planned for you so if you're not sure exactly how all this works just hang in till then.  But really, it's simple, just post every day on your blog and have fun.

If you're holding a giveaway during Blogtober pop over to the giveaway page on CurlyPops blog and add it to the list.

Oh, and if you've just arrived the sign up list is in the post below.  You can join in anytime.

Let the festival begin!


  1. I'm new to blogtberfest this year and am pretty excited by the whole thing. I'm looking forward to a fun month ahead. Thanks for organising this:)

  2. yay! i'm feeling so pumped full of blogging mojo!
    can't wait to start making my way through that big list of old and new blogs :D

    happy blogtoberfest!

  3. I do hope I don't run out of Blogtoberfest mojo :) (It's been known to happen!)
    But it really is a great way of staying focussed, and my blogging could really do with a bit of that.
    Thanks Cathy!!

  4. I am so glad I can still join in! Adding my name to the list!

  5. Oh no ... all this time, I thought you'd been telling me to find my blogging mojito. No wonder typing has been so tricky.

    Happy Blogtoberfest - looking forward to all it holds! x x

  6. Yahoo! I'm new too and can't wait to get into the swing of things.

  7. Day 1 ~ check
    Day 2~ almost done!
    Feeling all organized right now, but worried about day 10 on...
    Have fun everyone. look forward to seeing all your blogs!

  8. Also forgetting that you are a whole day ahead of us...god, i am behind already! Julie

  9. Oops, I joined in! My first ever fest... hurrah!

  10. Such a great month for blogging Cathy - I needed the incentive - looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to over the coming days - there's so many!! Hooray!

  11. i really like finding new blogs to read and this month helps me alot :D so many to read :D

  12. I'm in. This is my first time and I am not sure I can do it, but I am ready for the challenge.

    Cant wait to read through everyone's blogs!

  13. Thank for stopping by Cathy!

    And thank you for creating this amazing festival where connections are made and kept...because of this festival I met a fabulous gal named Mel (of the blog "I Speak Melsh")who I actually met when she came out to LA this summer! It would not have happened if it were not for this great festival =-)

  14. Dearest sweet cathy, this fest sounds amazing and such a wonderful way to connect with new creative souls! I would love to join but i don't blog on a regular basis so it makes me not qualify? I really hope to blog more this month! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  15. It's been four years already?? Wowsers! It's become part of my holiday season. Kicks it off right and proper. Besides, I love anything that has "fest" at the end of it!