Monday, May 30, 2011

{my story captured}


"...sometimes I ask to sneak a closer look,
skip to the final chapter of the book..."
                                             The Wood Song - Indigo Girls

Day by day, and year by year, going right back into my early teens.  Pages and pages, volumes of ink on paper {the photo shows only part of the collection}.  Capturing the minutiae and the extraordinary, the triumphs and the falls. Words have always been such a part of my journey.

Sometimes I wonder who will be the caretaker of my stories when I'm gone.  Who will read this story of my life?  And what will they make of it?


  1. I love peoples stories. I love story telling. I love the Indigo Girls (did you go to their concert a few weeks ago?- my friend did, jealous, I didn't get to) I love the wood song.

  2. journals always make me smile, thankyou for sharing.
    x Courtney

  3. WOW. The only way you can hold me accountable to any sort of history is via a blog. I'm jaw on floor impressed.

  4. your times your life's ambitions, hopes , dreams and failures one day will be the inspiration of another generation . Keep journaling and hold your words and thoughts some where secure.

  5. It must be lovely to have them all still. I remember the day I burned all my teenage journals. It would have been quite amusing to read them all now.

  6. i love the richness of this image to illustrate how many stories you have been writing Cathy, and to think it's only a SMALL PORTION of all the journals you've filled over the years!

    I'm sure if you decide to share the contents of those journals, many artists will be moved by the story contained within =-)