Thursday, November 4, 2010

{it was the best of times, it was the worst of times}

Things continue to be topsy-turvy over here.  I find myself wondering at times if it will ever be any different.  The logical part of me knows that of course it will, but the feeling part is another matter...

There are so many great things happening at the moment with my art.  The commission, the Patti Digh book, the sense that things are really moving forward creatively.

In other parts of my life things feel really damn hard.  I am sick for the umpteenth time this year, we are broke, our sense of stability is completely up in the air with the impending house sale, I buggered my knees running, and it goes on.  We are holding ourselves together but some days it is only just.

So that's me.  The plain ugly truth.  I feel like I should be celebrating all the good things that are happening and focusing on the positives, but the truth is at times I just can't see the forest for the trees.

However, I am no quitter.  I am digging deep into my trust in the universe, my faith and hope.  There is a purpose to all that is happening, I'm sure of it, and calm seas are surely just around the bend.

On a brighter note the random generator picked some giveaway winners for me.  Liesl was just remarking on the chances of the number 1 coming up in her giveaway and here it is again picking her as the number 1 commenter on my giveaway.  Cool huh? Liesl is the winner of a set of limited edition 3 Parts Faith, Two Parts Hope prints

The second winner was commenter number 17.  Cherie from Waste Not Do Want.  Cherie you win your choice of print from my Etsy shop.  Get in touch so we can arrange it.

3 parts 2 parts Print Set

I've finally got around to adding some new stock to my Etsy shop.  You can now purchase 'Three Parts Faith' and 'Two Parts Hope' as individual prints or in a set.  I'm doing a limited edition run of 20 of these prints so if you want them you'll need to get in quick.

New Prints
I've also added some of my new landscape prints.  There are 4 different prints to choose from.  Again these are a limited edition run of 15 of each so snap them up if you're keen.

Now for a couple of last things.  I've created a link on the blogtoberfest page to the 2010 sign up list so you can easily find it if you want to keep visiting new blogs.  I've also created a link to all my 2010 posts in case you need to find something.

Lastly I want to give another great big shout out to Kellie from 74 Lime Lane for her fabulous work on the button for this year.  And to everyone who joined in, came along for the ride, took up the challenge and made this year's blogtoberfest another great success, a big cheers to you too.

Don't worry about my spirits peeps.  I'll be full of sunshine and hope again shortly.  It's all part of the journey.

I'm taking a little computer break for the next few days while Ms L and I make some big decisions about our next steps.  I'll be back real soon.


  1. Good on you for honouring everything that's going on in your life at the moment, the good and the not-so-good. Being unwell must surely make everything seem so much worse...
    Great idea to unplug and dig deep over the next few days. Looking forward to hearing more next week over coffee and pudding.
    Kat x

  2. Oh Cathy, you have really made my day! I think you already know how much I loved these works. I am very lucky indeed - thank you!

    Sending every good wish to you and Ms L for your decision making. See you soon. xx

  3. Hugs to you. Good idea to regroup offline for a bit. Have been doing a similar thing here.

  4. hope you work things out and come back refreshed xx

  5. yes, i know it's difficult to hold the best and the worst that happens in our lives...and so often they do occur side by side - why is that?!!?!

    i think you deserve a break after hosting the most fabulous party in Blogland!! i'm sure it will do you a world of good and bring you back to good health =-)

  6. OMG a Thousand THANK YOU's Cathy, Yayyyyyy ;) First time win EVER, Yayyyyyyyy ;) ;)

  7. Enjoy your break and let the topsy turvy settle a bit! Hang in there - you are very talented. Love the new landscape prints.