Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{things the last six months have taught me - blogtoberfest day XXVI}

Three Parts Faith  
Three Parts Faith*
Acrylics and gel pens on canvas
11 x 14 inch 
  • that I need money to live comfortably.  Not a huge amount, but enough.
  • that grief softens with time, but never leaves you completely.
  • that structure and routine are good for me.
  • that it takes an incredible amount of hard work, energy, motivation and determination to run your own business.
  • that I am deeply loved.
  • that I want to be a commercially successful artist.
  • that exercise is so good for me.
  • that my dreams will come true.
  • that 'working for the man' probably ain't so bad for the moment.
  • that living life to the fullest requires more trust, hope & faith than I thought possible.
  • that I'm ready to embrace what comes next with all my heart and soul.
Two Parts Hope
Two Parts Hope*
Acrylics and gel pens on canvas
11 x 14 inch 

*I'm really hoping to have new limited edition prints in the shop very soon, including these two here.


  1. Cathy, I just had a wow moment ... I absolutely love "Three Parts Faith" and "Two Parts Hope". They are just stunning.

    I love your honest words about the last 6 months too. As a wise person once said ... Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.

  2. These are truly beautiful works (and words)Cathy.

    I'm with you on a few of these points - am about to start back "working for the man" again... and I'm actually quite thrilled about it. How good will it be having regular income coming in again as opposed to the unpredictable (ie. stressful) craft-market dribble!!!

    The way I see it there's a season for everything...

    p.s(I haven't been keeping up blogs lately either; so nice to hear from you today xoxo)

  3. lovely post & paintings.
    I so hear you on many of those points ♥

  4. Hooray for you, lots of life learnings

  5. Two of my favourite prints, just lovely.
    Oh and you are an inspiration for me to get back to my art, add that to your list, an inspiration for others.

  6. Beautiful art. And, so true, all those things you said. I have a 'working for the man' job.... or as I term it, my 'pay the bills' job. I work at it 4 days a week, and spend time at night, on Wednesdays, and on weekends on my design stuff and online things!

    Fortunately I like my 'real' job (primary school teacher), and it means I have 'enough' to be able to exist gracefully without too much stress, and the time to embrace my creative side and reach for more things in my life that really inspire me.

    Routine is something I've gone back to working on at the moment.... I spend far too much time trying to fit some stuff in, and not enough time trying to fit in things like exercise and sleep.

    Sleep is my bane.... I'd LOVE it if I didn't need it, and I get frustrated that I have to have it! There's so much I want to be getting done, writing, creating, thinking about.... and I begrudge getting to bed at a reasonable hour (I'm a real night owl) so I can get up for work. I usually end up popping into bed around 12.30 or 1, but often don't sleep because I'm too busy still thinking!

    So, my routine, and my ability to control my own thoughts needs a MASSIVE overhaul! I figure if I had more sleep (and therefore felt heaps better), I'd enjoy my day alot more, and wouldn't then feel the need to eek more out of it rather than going to bed. It's sort of a catch 22 situation.

    I'm going to give meditation another try (have done so before and been abysmal at it), hoping to 'shut my mind up' for a while!

    Anyhoooo, sorry to ramble on!

    Lindas. xox

  7. I agree with lots of your very honest points Cathy,I thing if you have learned all that in 6 months is a great achievement and it takes courage as well!Wishing you all the best you can dream ofx

  8. working for the man makes the crafty working for myself easier and less stressful and less intense. it takes the pressure off. It is the perfect balance for me.

  9. Wow! That's a big 6 months.May you continue to be brave and take another step every day.

  10. what a great list! and so much of it is true...

    i know i don't need much money to make me happy but since my pay has been dwindling it's been painful to see that i no longer have the "enough" i had before the paycut and i feel it affecting me =-(

    i love the idea of "3 parts/ 2 parts" - it's like a recipe for goodness!!

    the new paintings are wonderful!! they remind me of the work of Keith Haring =-)

  11. There's such wisdom in your 'list' dear Kathy...I can empathise with so much of it...re your previous post think I visit here because you're real...there's no pretense...you're open and honest...and of course extremely talented...