Saturday, October 16, 2010

{bye bye house - blogtoberfest day XVI}

bye bye house

It didn't sell at auction today, but we expect it's just a matter of time now.

I was surprised at how seriously unsettled I felt this morning.  I thought I'd made peace with this moving business.

The truth?  This process of exploring new paths and possible places to call home has made both  Ms L and I realise how much we love this neigbourhood.  Our hearts are right here.

The journey continues....


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Half way on the blogtoberfest front peeps.  A big pat on the back to all of us hey?


  1. Yep pat on the back to all :-) I have enjoyed it so far :-) Some people have expressed feeling pressure but hey you sign up and do what you can do . I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting and meeting HEAPS of new bloggers :-) Ps thanks for stopping by - so nice to have the "famous" host drop in!! ☺☺☺

  2. I would have been nervous too! Moving is hard business, I know, I have struggled to re-settle for over a year now. I hope it works out for oyu :)

  3. Pat on the back to you for hosting it all :-)

    Sad that the house didn't sell at Auction and you have longer to wait for resolution. Hopefully not too much longer though. Being up in the air is challenging, especially when it is not of your own making.

  4. I only get half a pat. Better than no pat though! haha

    You are going to find a great place to live. It is just working itself to you right this moment. And you are working yourself to it. I know you know this, but waiting is never easy.

    Thinking of you, and sending good house vibes...


  5. Good luck - I hope that an investor picks it up so that you can stay right where you are.
    ~ Laura (Moags)

  6. I hope that the sale takes just enough time for something great to turn up for your "around the corner".

    (Having just missed several days of Blogtoberfest, I think I might be receiving a boot up the bum instead of a pat on the back!)

  7. half way eh. thats a pb for me. yay. good luck with for a great outcome to the housing dilemma. my daughter bought a gorgeous apartment this morning after much angst and many disappointments. all in good time i say. sometimes the perfect solution is the one you wait patiently for. the universe always comes good for people who deserve it. thanks for hosting. hoping to get a bit more time to explore the blogtoberfest happenings in the coming week

  8. I hope you manage to stay in the neighbourhood. Either in this house, or ome even better, right nearby. x

  9. I can't imagine how unsettling this having to maybe, probably, possibly move soon thing must be. I hope the bigger picture becomes clearer really soon.

  10. Sorry to hear that you're still living with this uncertainty. Hopefully there's a way you can stay in the area when you both love it so much.
    Can't believe we're over half way through AND that I'm sticking with it!

  11. It's really hard. We are going to be doing this ourselves in about 18 months. Because we are building a house! Yikes! What have I gotten myself into! So much to learn. And we really like our neighbourhood here too. Sigh.....