Friday, June 18, 2010

Note To Self, But Maybe For You Too

Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

Dear Tinniegirl

It's OK to ... rest ... cry ... hibernate ... put your needs first ... be scared ... feel uncertain ... take a break ... listen to your whispers .... curl up on the couch ... surrender in the deepest of ways ... acknowledge that the growing and changing is taking up so much energy ... eat pizza and icecream ... turn off the computer ... tune out the world.

It's OK to carry all those feelings and thoughts, and still be ... excited ... positive ... hopeful ... dreamy ... optimistic ... ready ... certain ... energised ... busy ... active.

It's OK to ride the wave of your life with all it's contradictions.

It's OK to be who you are right now, to accept where you're at right now.

It's OK.  All of it.

Your kindest self

How about you? How does that sentence end for you?  Today?

It's OK to ...


  1. perfect timing for me. i just read this and breathed a deep breath. i have the same conflicting emotions and on top of that, the feeling that i am not doing enough fast enough and that i am going to miss some sort of window of opportunity. deep breaths are good when i remember :)
    here's to exciting new things to come for both of us when the universe wants us to have them.

  2. Its ok to sometimes feel like the worst mum in the world... everyone does at some point... its Ok to also remember that sometimes you are a really great mum too...

  3. Perfect timing for me too. Thank you.

    It's ok to feel how I feel, think what I think, do what I do. I am enough as I am.

  4. It's OK to recognise that, hey, I've got a whole lot of commitments right now and I don't have to go the extra mile to do favours for people. It's OK to look out for myself.

  5. It's OK to just be me, whoever I am, whenever that may be. And I have wonderful friends who cheerfully lie and tell me I am just fine as I am.

  6. It's ok if I don't get everything done so that I can take a moment for myself. If I do this I will be better at what I do get done.


  7. Hi, Its nice to connect with a flying classmate from Melb! I can completely relate to what you've written re the joys, the fears & the ups and downs! Yes, it is ok to have these feelings :)

  8. so well said cathy!! i needed this moment of reflection and reminder. i have loved following you on twitter.....silly me, i just discovered that i can see where people reply to me. i've been on twitter for about a year and i thought the comments i was sending were going into never land. ha! love ya!

  9. It's ok to miss a deadline and stop sewing for a bit. And eat bread three meals a day.

  10. It's ok to have a day off and breathe. In and out ... in and out.... It's ok. Really.

  11. this post
    is spot-on
    for me,
    soul love letter..
    thank you
    for sharing
    the perfect thing.
    whispers have been
    consciously on my mind
    these days & love to
    see them mentioned here
    & i love your sentence about
    how growing & changing
    takes up so much energy...
    & thus need for rest &
    how contradiction is just
    part of the fabric.
    you've said ALL i've needed
    & for that, i am so thankful.
    love to you in your rest.xo

  12. It's OK to sleep!! That was my hope note at AAJ and it's such an important one to remember
    Hugs to you

  13. It's OK cry sometimes. Be always brave
    is not an obligation,
    is a decision.
    Sometimes, it's good cry.

  14. Thank you! Ive been struggling this week with so much in my head and its so nice to know its okay to give ourselves permission to run through all those emotions...its going to be a fabulous ride. xxx

  15. Its ok and its going to be ok.
    Thanks for this post. I really needed it today. XX

  16. It's OK to have an afternoon nap.

    Thanks for speaking truth. xx

  17. "It's OK to ride the wave of your life with all it's contradictions." I love that this was part of your letter. We can feel and be so many aspects of ourselves at once.

    Today my sentence would end with: to take things slowly, take time to connect.

  18. I just had to say what a pleasant surprise when the verification word for the post I just made was CRONE. I'm in my early fifties and learning to embrace the beginning of heading into my crone years.

  19. it's okay to listen to your kindest self- and to your excellent blog friends who share great advice!

  20. maybe i just need pizza and ice cream to feel better - mmmmm, PIZZA!

    thank you for this reminder to go easy on myself as i tackle some big things in my life =-)

  21. Oh Cathy! The parallel lives are ringing true again! It has been exhausting to grow and change and dream BIG! Thank-you for acknowledging the flow of who we are... ALL of it. xo

  22. sounds like so many of us are feeling the same way. i bought myself a kiddie pool so i could relax by the pool like i did as a kid. thank you for reminding me i am not alone in feeling this way and that it is ok.

    best wishes to you!