Monday, January 4, 2010

A List Of Big and Small Things

My hopes, dreams, intentions, goals and things I want to manifest in 2010:
  • Read 13 books - that's one a month and one to spare
  • Take a trip to Port Douglas
  • Celebrate mine and Ms L's ten year anniversary - perhaps in Port Douglas
  • Spend NYE 10/11 in Thailand with Ms L and our friends Audrey and Mat
  • Get a job that is fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable
  • Pay off our personal loans and save $5,000
  • Lose 30kg
  • Move to a bright, spacious new house, close to parkland and close to the city
  • Enjoy domestic pursuits - bake bread, cook great meals, entertain friends
  • Get out of the house more
  • Keep up the daily writing
  • Start writing a novel
  • Grow my artistic practice - explore new ideas, projects, mediums,
  • Exhibit and/or publish my art
  • Hang out with good people
  • Make collaborative project ideas into realities
  • Hang out with my Mum more
  • Have fun, relax more
  • Have a fabulous trip to the USA in February/March
  • Be kind, patient, trusting, understanding and calm with myself and others
OK 2010, I'm ready.


  1. WOW Cathy! That is a serious to-do list but very balanced. I wish you every sucess in 2010 and if you come across any cracking books...let me know.

    I am onto the last book in the Millenium Triology by Stieg Larsson...worth a look if you haven't already read it.

  2. Happy New Year! some great goals Cathy!! i want to read more books too...i have so many waiting for me...i dont set too many goals as I feel guilty when i dont complete what I set out to do....

  3. That is an admirable list. And it is filled with things that will increase your happiness. Good luck. Thailand? That sounds way cool.

  4. Sounds like a lovely year planned.

  5. goodluck with all you set out to do Ms C and you know what, if you don't do somethings on the list, that's still ok, as long as you enjoy doing everything you do.
    hugs ♥

  6. I love this list! I share some similar goals, and even share a ten year anniversary this year too. If you have a chance check out the book "5", it really is a simple and motivational way to set some specifics on how to reach your goals. (and you would then have one book down!) Ok, now I am motivated to make my own list!

  7. That's a fab to do list! I also really like your new banner :)

  8. Did you also plan to invent a 30 hour day?? Wow, that is quite the list & so many great things to celebrate. All the best, love Posie

  9. It's nice to see it all listed. Hope you achieve your goals for 2010.

  10. that is sure one large list, all the best with it!

  11. Love it! That's one ambitious list Cathy, but we must dream big in life, I agree.
    There is so much power in writing these things down... so many of these will be ticked by this time next year.
    Make sure you have huge amounts of fun while you're ticking them off my friend :)

  12. Now that is a fantastic list, and I really hope you can achieve everything you dream of.
    Love the new header!

  13. i need a bex and a good lie down just reading that...

  14. I just hope 2010 is a year to enjoy and continue chasing your dreams.......if you do all the things on your list then that's a bonus!

  15. I loved reading this list, it's given me a few things to think about too.

    Love the eye catching banner. The bright colours really match the motivational tone of your recent posts.

    Happy 2010.

    Jen in Melbourne

  16. What a great list! Lots of fun AND challenging things on there.

    Hey- I may be in Thailand at the same time as you!

  17. No wonder you had to write that lot down. That is a lot of truly great stuff and I can't wait for you to share it with us

  18. Huuuuuge list. If even half of that is true you rock!!! Enjoy the year and give yourself a chance. We should all be nicer to ourselves, the whole world would be nicer if that was the case.

  19. Awesome list!! May you be completely and utterly successful!!

  20. what a great list of things to accomplish for 2010. I especially like the goal of exhibiting/publishing your artwork...

    Can't wait to see you in the USA in February for the Artful Journey Retreat!!

  21. This is an inspirational list! Your coming to the US? How wonderful. Where are you traveling/

  22. Cathy, I love the fact that you dream big. Its a fantastic and inspirational list and I don't doubt that you will make your goals a reality ( ... so far is as humanly possible!).

  23. Hey Cathy! Sounds like a wonderful year ahead. I wish you and Ms L all the best :-)

  24. Your new header looks great! Some Tinnie girl styling! Thats a big list and I hope you get to all of it!

  25. cathy...
    first of all, loving your new banner. did you draw it?
    sorry about the loss you had in 2009. my best mom...passed away in 2004 and it still stings.
    i am so excited to meet you in a few weeks.
    i will probably fly into san jose, so maybe we could meet up there and travel together?
    hope all is well in austrailia!

  26. Dear Cathy, Happy new year!
    And congratulations on a wonderful list. It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in the new year.
    Did much of your list unfold during the Mondo Beyondo course? Your friend, the lovely Creative Beast, mentioned that you had done the course in 2009. I am enrolled for Jan 2010 and I am SO excited. If I come up with a list that's half as inspiring as yours, I will be a very happy gal indeed!

  27. KitchenAid love, don't put it off, i mean, it's taken how many years for us to add the attachments?? You'll use it ALL the time. Be warned, check out your colours & ensure when the big purchase is about to happen, your colour is available. Love Posie

  28. What a fabulous list! Happy New Year-hope it is a wonderful one-sure sounds like it to me!

  29. that's one hell of a list Cathy! but i know you're a determined woman and will do your very best at each and every one of them... :)

    i know i'm a wee bit late with this, but i wish you and Ms L the most wonderful year!