Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craft Machine

Yep, that's me. I'm crafting like a mad woman. Noone can stop me when I've got my mojo.

Purses? No problem!

I probably wouldn't recommend striped fabric for a beginner like myself. Who cares about things being a little bit lopsided though?

Christmas wreaths using fabric scraps? Right on it!

Collages for gorgeous nephews? Almost finished.

And there's more where that came from. Expect drawstring bags and zippered pouches by the end of the week. A Spoonful of Sugar's wonderful Custard shortbreads by the dozen. Handmade gift boxes for the grown up gifts.

Do you want some of my crafty mojo? I'll send you some in a Tinnie. All the inspiration you need to get you crafting like a crazy cat lady. You'll even get a bonus Minnie Tinnie on any Tinnie purchased up until Christmas. You can see the details in this post.

The garden on the other hand is suffering from complete neglect. The artichokes have gone to seed. They look beautiful though.


  1. Wowee you are a craft machine! Love the purse... I bought some supplies but I've been too scared to try yet.

  2. Oooh love those collages! And you've done another pruse, go you!

    But I'm especially impressed by the artichoke. If you leave it to go mildewy you might get yellow and black ladybirds!

  3. Wow, I've never seen an artichoke flower before. They're beautiful!

  4. checking in to say hi

  5. You're on fire!!
    Love that artichoke, I think they are amazing.

  6. wow you're exactly craft machine.

  7. Sheesh! I haven't even started on making any of my presents yet (I know - procrastination really should be my middle name). That wreath looks really great! And I'm quite intimidated by your purse. I've been wanting to make something similar but just haven't tried yet. I don't see any lopsidedness!

  8. ...that wreath is fabulous! thanks for sharin!

  9. Love the purse, you did such a great job on it. Looks like you are a busy gal!Hope you are doing well.
    Cheers Kyla

  10. The purse looks fabulous!!! As do the collages - those little boys are going to love them :)
    And that artichoke flower - WOW!!!!

  11. The artichoke is gorgeous!!

    And yay for you and your crafty mojo!! :o) Just in time for Christmas. ;o)

    LOVE the purse. :o)

  12. Super-speedy craftarama. I'm impressed by the purse, no lopsidedness apparent in the photo! And what about that artichoke? Wow!

  13. You GO you craft machine, you!! Enjoy.

    Great to see another purse in the making. (Just check the size of the frames you go the other day.... I think you may have needed the size smaller?)