Sunday, May 5, 2013

{things i'm thinking}

I think so.
  • That I need to get {sunday snippets} happening again.  Perhaps next week.
  • Why people steal other people's ideas?  I've had another blogger repeatedly stealing elements of my style and even one of my regular memes over the last 18 months.  It gives me the shits.
  • That copying is not the ultimate form of flattery.  It's just rude and unethical.
  • That weekends always feel so damn short at the moment.
  • If waiting for things to settle down is a futile pursuit.  Maybe this is as good as it gets.
  • About snacking.  I'm returning to my focus on health and weight loss and all I can think about is snacking. Sigh!
  • How my first world problems feel so trivial compared to the trials of others.
  • About a big challenge that I've set myself.  Whether I'll be able to achieve it.  Whether I'll even really try.
  • That I do love the colours of Autumn.  Watching the leaves change colour and then surrender to the cycle of life.
  • When to fight and when to surrender.
What are you thinking about today?


  1. Big challenges can be scary, but worthwhile at the end! Looking forward to Sunday Snippets starting up again, I did a SS post today for the first time in ages.

  2. I'm thinking about permaculture on international permaculture day - where things are at in my garden (in my life) and where I'd like them to be....

  3. Im thinking about my story and wondering how the heck I can fit in time to a) edit it and b) continue to add to it in between all those other crazy busy things I squeeze into my days!

    Looking forward to Sunday Snippets returning, have missed it!

  4. I played Sunday Snippets today as I was hoping you'd be back in again!
    I'm thinking about tomorrow and finding out what the hell is going on!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us...we really are chatterboxes inside our heads aren't we...I thought about you last night...about 11pm when all three paintings you did for me fell from the wall, one after another...I know they were only put up with grip type stuff but it was still strange.... Yesterday I listened to a talk on sounds true by a guy whose assumption is that before we're born we choose everything that will happen to us...positive and that at any given time everything is just the way it's supposed to be...always perfect...something to mull over...who knows....

  6. im thinking about quitting my job...trying to way up the pros and cons....just not sure im brave enough x

  7. Sorry to hear about copy-cats in your world, Cathy. My personal theory is that they are lazy bums who can't be bothered to find a way to take the original idea and RUN WITH IT, making it their own, as it should be...
    I'm currently thinking about some ideas as I move forward, carving out a creative career for myself =-)