Sunday, May 12, 2013

{move along now}

Farewell lovely sun. Until next time.

There's nothing much to see here.  

I'd hoped to be back with {sunday snippets} but all I really have to show from the weekend is my 7-page to-do list that I'm currently trying to wrangle into submission.  It's one of my two busiest times of the year at work {in an already ridiculously busy job} so I'm pretty much 'on the clock' all week and at least part of the weekends.  I don't mind too much.  It feels good to work hard on something that I care passionately about.  It feels good to know I'm making a difference.

But I do miss you guys, and my blog, and painting, and book-making.  I'm hoping that things will continue to fall into a rhythm, as they have been.  I'm hoping that by November {the next busiest time} things will feel second nature at work and I won't be running to catch up to myself all the time.  I'm hoping that once I get through this busy peak I might be able to turn some of my attention to other things I love to do. I'd like things to be just a little more balanced.

Have a lovely week peeps.  I don't expect you'll see much of me, but you never know.

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  1. Glad that your job is providing such fulfillment for you Cathy! I'm sure with time you'll be able to figure out the balancing act between work, play and creativity.