Sunday, December 23, 2012

{the home stretch}

Mini fruit mince pies.

The to-do list is almost complete.  The fridge is full of delicious goodies. The ham is baked and the painting for Michelle is ready to be collected.

It's finished @buttontreelane!
Just a couple of last minute things left for tomorrow before the Christmas celebrations begin with Mumsy tomorrow night.
My favourite part of Christmas. Preparing a beautiful ham & then eating it for weeks. It's one of our Christmas rituals.
On the other hand the house is absolutely filthy and the pile of folding is immense, but hey we're not doing Christmas at our house!


  1. The best thing about Christmas elsewhere is the lack of cleaning required... A total bonus!
    be well you gorgeous women.

  2. Wow, you sound organised to me! Have a great one. And that painting looks absolutely wonderful!

  3. The housework will wait and I'm sure you will have an awesome awesome day. There are some things more important than cleaning the house.

  4. Clean house ??? Nope, not here either !
    That ham looks delicious. Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. Delicious looking! Love the colour and expresive movement of the painting. Have a lovely Christmas with your loved ones! :)

  6. What is this clean house business!? Go and enjoy your Christmas celebrations.

    And see you on boxing day!!

  7. ha ha love that last comment. I wish christmas wasn't here because our house is in much the same state!

  8. It sounds like much holiday cheer is happening in your home, despite the messiness! Happy Holidays to you and Ms. L and may 2013 bring abundant creative possibilities to you Cathy!

  9. Well you certain seem organised...and re the mess just throw a bit of wrapping paper about willy nilly and nobody will notice! Have a lovely day tomorrow...