Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{readers digest guide to places of the world}

Guide to Places of the World - Front

Places of the World - Side View

Book Bag Detail

Guide to Place of the World

Book Bag Closure

Places of the World - Book Bag

A colleague commissioned me to make her one of my handmade books.  She was happy to leave all the details to me, including book selection.

The day after she asked me I found the 'Guide to Places of the World' at my favourite op-shop.

My colleague is an intrepid traveler and has spent most of her working life in the performing arts sector, including a long stint with the circus.  The first day I met her she was telling me a little about herself and she said "when I grew up I actually did join the circus".

The original book was a great size.  About 8 x 11 inches with it's spine firmly intact, which is important for these stitched spine books.  I knew that she was planning to keep it as a visual journal so I used all blank white pages. I rounded off the page corners for a nice extra effect.  And I love the multiple closures.  I've got all kinds of ideas bobbing around in my head for closures.  This multiple closure makes me think of a coat.  My colleague doesn't know anything about the book bag.  I just decided to do that as a special touch.

I'll be giving her package to her when I get to work this morning.  I can't wait!


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous Cathy... and the book bag with the writing is just the perfect finishing touch...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Oh that is just gorgeous. What an amazing job you have done. Inspires me to want to have a go at book binding. Really lovely.