Friday, November 23, 2012

{that's that then}

Colour play

I popped over to Etsy to have a look at something this morning and I noticed that all the listings in my shop have expired and the shop is empty.  Since making the decision that I didn't want to be in business anymore I'd never quite reconciled some of the practicalities.  What about my Etsy shop?  Close it down?  Have a sale to get rid of the last of my prints?  It seems that those answers have sorted themselves out. 

And what about my artwork more generally?  Where is it's place in the world?  Galleries?  Cafes?  Commissions? Gifts for friends?

I made a decision last week that I'm going to keep my Etsy shop open for now.  I'll be selling original work from time to time and I'm thinking about selling some of the new books I'm making as well.  It's going to be much more a side project/hobby than a business. No marketing plans, no business plans, no to-do lists and no pressure.  More like random acts of art.

I also plan to keeping exhibiting my work.  Again, more of a side project than a main event, but I hope to have an exhibition somewhere mid next year.

As a last 'business' hurrah I'm planning a facebook sale.  I'm clearing out the remaining prints, cards and some affirmation packs.  If you're interested in getting yourself some {tinniegirl} goodies on sale visit my facebook page next Tuesday at 8pm.

I'll also be at Made n' Thornbury's twilight market next Friday {do you know that the first market I ever did was Made n' Thornbury and now it looks set to be my last?  I shouldn't say I'll never do another market.  I might do some markets and pop-ups in the future.  I just won't be selling the kinds of things I do now}

For those of you who own {tinniegirl} prints it seems like they just became limited edition.  Sideways smile!

Have a lovely weekend peeps.


  1. I'm very pleased to have an original on my wall! Enjoy your weekend too.

  2. The same thing happened to me Cathy... went to my Etsy Shop to find only one of my newer pieces in there... everything else had expired... and so left it that way and decided just to add new pieces... funny... isn't it... the twilight Christmas Market sounds wonderful... am sure you will do well... and love hearing about the new direction you are taking...

    Jenny ♥

  3. An hour ago I found an unopened book binding kit in my craft room, and wondered if you might be interested in a trade for a particular one of your prints. It's this kit, in a dark blue (possibly black) with a grey spine and black thread: (If that link doesn't work, it's the Braided SPine Journal Kit.) If you're interested in a swap, let me know. If it's not your thing, then I'll have to jump on your Facebook sale and hope the print I want is still there. :-)

  4. (What I didn't make clear was, an hour ago I was thinking up a trade to get one of your prints and then I checked your blog and discovered there will be no more prints. Scary coincidence!)