Friday, November 16, 2012

{i'm going to venice!!!!!!!!!}

{image via Dispatch from LA}

I was telling a colleague on Wednesday that I so desperately want a holiday.  A real holiday.  An adventure.  To somewhere amazing and exotic and full of different sights, sounds and experiences.

I want it with a passion.

And it ain't going to happen.

Not anytime soon anyway.

But I can have a vicarious holiday that ticks all the boxes plus some.

Mary Ann Moss has just released her newest online class Ticket to Venice.  Part book-binding, part journaling, all whilst accompanying her virtually on an upcoming trip to Venice. Totes awesome!

I've booked my ticket and I can't wait.

All the deets are here.  Let me know if you book your trip as well.  I'd love to have some traveling companions.


  1. I saw the post today! and so desperately want to do it, might have to ask for xmas as a gift!
    enjoy the class, we both know it will be amazing
    xx C

  2. Oh how utterly amazing Cathy... that sounds like an awesome trip... Venice... book binding... journaling... perfect...

    Jenny ♥

  3. what a way to travel! how intriguing. Maybe you can find some travel magazines or travel brochures about Venice and just pretend you've been there, and use them in your journaling! hee hee