Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Road To Home
The Road To Home
Collage and acrylics on canvas
10 x 12 inch
  • I finished the commission above for a couple who spend their time between Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges.
  • I've been fighting off the dreaded lurgy.
  • I've been consumed by a lifelong dream that feels like it's almost ready to be born.
  • I've been wavering between absolute certainty and crippling self-doubt.
  • I've been thinking about rhythm and routine.  A lot.
  • I've been getting ready to launch my first in-person painting workshop!!! {Stay tuned for details in the next couple of days}
  • I haven't had much to say.
What's happening in your world?


  1. Beautiful. Maybe in a few years, when money is free-er, I can order a commissioned piece of my own!

  2. Sounds exciting and wonderful Cathy... and your canvas is beautiful...

    Jenny x

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming painting workshop!! That is SO exciting and I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience that will bring joy to your students =-)

    The commission is really beautiful, the tree is so abundant with luscious fruit hanging from those branches - GORGEOUS!!

  4. This is just beautiful .... love it. You are so very talented.

  5. First I want to say that the commission is absolutely gorgeous. The tree is bursting with life!

    Second, I received your package today! I love both works of art, and will be blogging about them tomorrow. Thank you, thank you!


  6. School reports ... 22 of them