Monday, May 14, 2012

{everybody wins}

I chopped off all my hair!  

Enjoying the sun
This was me on Thursday morning and ...

The new hair. Straight out of bed. A little tussle & I'm off. Winner!
this was me on Friday morning.

It was a totally spontaneous decision.  I had a hair appointment booked for Thursday night and had no idea what I wanted done.  Thursday afternoon I thought "it's time for a change"!

I absolutely love it.  It makes me feel sophisticated and gorgeous, which feels like a big win!

Speaking of winners I randomly picked the number 3, which means SJ Scott is the winner!  Email me your address details so I can send your prize off to you.

For everyone else that entered I'd like to offer you a little something special as well.  If you'd like a set of the 'Two Parts Hope, Three Parts Faith' prints you can have them for free if you want to pay the cost of postage to get them to you.  If you'd like to take me up on this shoot me an email tinniegirl/at/

Hope you're week is off to a great start.


  1. very spunky! In need of a haircut myself.

  2. Am thinking about a radical haircut. Might wait till spring...

  3. awesome! you look awesome and fierce, I love it! think of all those big earrings you can now rock! xx

  4. short is Chic - Love the new look.

  5. ... WOW YES Cathy sophisticated is the word ... as well as stylish, awesome and a whole lot more fabulous compliments. xo

  6. What exciting news! Thanks so much! I've sent you an email with my address.

    Love the hair! Wish I could carry it off, and yes, I have tried.

  7. Oh great hair..I love short ...very liberating me thinks xxxx