Friday, April 27, 2012

{things i'm diggin'}

Sun is shining. Birds are singing. Morning peeps.

Morning sunshine and bird song.  Always makes me happy.

Rearranging my studio.  Making it into a teaching space!  Stay tuned for news on painting and blogging workshops coming soon!!! {So excited about this}

Coming to the end of my Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course.  This course has been the best investment I  have ever made in my creative business.  I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to bring their creative dreams to life.

Getting ready to re-launch my Etsy shop next week.  It was on the to-do list for February and I'm finally ready to make it happen.  This year has taught me so much about patience and trust already.

Looking forward to Made n' Thornbury market next weekend.  I'm having a stall and will have lots of gorgeous new goodies to share.

Feeling motivated.  Feeling big.  Feel focused. Feeling sure.

And you?  What good things are happening in your world?


  1. Ah, the lovely eucalyptus trees. My father planted two of them in our backyard, when I was growing up. Later, I learned that he spent a great deal of time in Queensland, recovering from his injuries in WWII. Those trees were a sort of an homage, I think...

    I miss the smell of them.

  2. Sounds like you have found your groove.... I have just been sitting sewing while watching the birds in the garden out the window....something not to be taken for granted.

  3. I didn't realise Made'n'Thronbury was next weekend. Will have to pop it on my calendar!

  4. there are three things i'm very excited about on that list, first and foremost is made'n'thornbury! i have the entire weekend and it is the first and biggest thing on my to-do list :D
    see you there!!!

  5. What amazing achievments, taking big steps towards your dreams. You are inspiring!