Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{a dress to match}

You know originally this exhibition was going to be a landscape exhibition.  For 6 months I worked with the idea of painting a room full of landscapes.  And when it came time to sit down and paint the work, when there was no more time for thinking, I couldn't do it.  My heart wasn't in it.  It was my first big lesson in letting go this year and it was a huge one.

So I went back to painting what I know and what I love.  

We're All Tall Poppies
We're All Tall Poppies
Acrylic, spray paint and collage on canvas
20 x 24 inch

And then I found the dress.  

Exhibition outfit
A dress that looks like one of my paintings.  
A dress that I loved from the minute I laid eyes on it.  
The most beautiful dress in the world.

And to top it all off I thought I'd get toes to match.

Toes to match

If you're free on Friday night please join me to celebrate the opening of my first solo gallery exhibition at Red Brick from 6pm.  I'll be the one in the gorgeous dress.

Blossom and Bloom Invite


  1. It is a beauty, that dress - and those top image florals look blooming and landscapey to me! Hope things go fabulously on Friday - with lots and lots of RED DOTS.

  2. Congratulations on the opening!
    That dress is going to look fabulous - I LOVE it!!x

  3. I won't be in a gorgeous dress but I will be there with bells on.

  4. Painting + dress = serendipity
    Loveeeeee the painting.

  5. That is one stunning dress! And so very fitting for the occasion.
    Thanks for your wise words about what it is to be an artist, my friend. You continue to be an inspiration!

  6. perfect, perfect dress. Love it. Big hugs for opening night my friend xx

  7. Congratulations to the opening, wish it was not far away, would love to see it... My first time to visit your blog and I love it, you painting style {and the colours} is amazing.

    I hope you will have a fantastic opening night and show, congratulations again!!!

  8. All the best to you on your show, you will look stunning on opening night!

  9. OH OH OH!!!

    I LOVE that dress! And it goes so well with that inspiring painting with the inspiring message and reminder of how fabulous we are when we stand tall =-)

    Good luck with the exhibit Cathy - I do wish I could be there to see you so radiantly happy in your beautiful dress as I know you will be, my dear friend and fellow ARTIST =-)

  10. Wish I could be there Cath, break a leg Darling. That dress is gorgeous, meant to be ;)