Friday, December 23, 2011

{oh christmas chair, oh christmas chair}

Christmas Chair

We didn't get around to getting a Christmas tree this year {the luxury of living in an all adult house hey?}.  Ms L sorted us out though with a beautiful Christmas chair and some other bits of cheer around the house.  She's a good one that Ms L.

Christmas Cheer

My very favourite Christmas ornaments.  Handed down from my Mum.  We've had these for as long as I can remember.

Hope your festive season preparations are coming along nicely!


  1. I think the main attraction with most trees is their ability to have presents under your chair is doing an equally great job. Merry Christmas to you .

  2. Merry Christmas lovely lady! I look forward to reading about your adventures next year!

  3. Oh the Christmas Chair is a complete and utter winner in my book! I'm stealing that idea next year (thanks Ms L)!

  4. I second Curly Pops - that chair idea is a winning idea that is going to be BIG next year, I just know it!! Well done to Ms. L!

    Happy holidays to you both!

  5. also liking the chair idea, our christmas tree is a bunch of rosemary, tied and placed in a vase with decorations on it! Definitely the joys of an adult household :)-even managed a nap today!