Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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{finkigirl} lockets

I thought that the rings and pendants were my favourites of the new {finkigirl} collection.  That was until I saw the lockets!  These will be in the shop by the end of this week.  Get in quick if you want one.  We have extremely limited stock until next year.

In other shop news I'm extremely pleased that we've been able to reduce the prices on the earrings and bracelets.  They now retail at $30 for earrings and $35 for bracelets.
I'm totally getting to understand what it must be like for others who make their own wearable creations.  It is truly thrilling to put on an outfit and then choose a piece of my own jewellery to wear with it.

Oops, forgot to say they are also available in store now at Olive Grove!

On a totally different topic, there's a fantastic giveaway for Melbourne peeps going on over at Eat and Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Diet.  You can win a dinner for 2 to the value of $300.  I soooo want to win this one.

I've got another fun giveaway coming up soon too.  Stay tuned.


  1. Love them Cathy! I'll definitely be buying one of these - I don't wear silver much, so it's great to see the bronzy ones. Looking forward to them making it into the shop!

  2. Oh wow I completely love these! How am I going to choose between these pendants and the silver ones???

  3. Hi Cathy and thanks for the mention. Very much appreciated and good luck with winning. My bad luck I can't enter.

  4. The lockets are fabulous!! Congratulations on these beautiful gems =-)

  5. Love the lockets, are they in the shop?