Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Colour Challenge - Step 1

linda of two pink possums wrote an interesting post last week asking is facebook the new blogging?  she talked about the immediacy of conversation that happens on fb and the more interactive nature of it.

i've been thinking a lot lately about connections and community.  thinking about the ways that i'm connected and the ways in which i want to connect. i was a late joiner to fb, but i too have enjoyed the sense of community and the ease of connection that happens there.  like linda i enjoy being part of various creative groups and connecting with other artists, writers and creative souls.  i also enjoy the casual banter that seems to go on.  on the other hand, after giving twitter a 'red hot go' for a while i found it to be way too fast paced and superficial to keep me hooked.

mostly though i've realised that blogging is my medium.  i love the depth that it offers, the opportunity to really tell a story by bringing together words and pictures.  i love the beauty and creativity of it. to me it's another form of art.  i like that it seems to be the 'slow' version of social media.  

like everyone i struggle to find the time to catch up on all the blogs i like to read, i struggle at times to be really present on my own blog, i struggle with feelings that i'm talking to myself.  but blogging is definitely my thing. it's a huge part of my life.

it was my good friend louise gale who helped me consolidate all this thinking.  i had a wonderfully inspiring conversation with her recently. about community, about me, about who i am and where i'm headed.

one of the things that i decided as a result of that conversation was to really be present in the places that give me the most joy.  i've been seeking out opportunities to connect and join in.

the photo at the top of this post is my contribution to louise's creative colour challenge.  the challenge was to celebrate colour and make a colour wheel.  i wanted to take a different approach rather than painting something so i decided to combine paint and photography as my medium.  it didn't quite come together in the way i'd planned so i made some prints of the puddles of paint.  for some reason blogger won't let me insert them into this post so you can check them out here and here.

if you'd like to see more of louise's creative colour challenge then pop on over to her blog and check out today's post.   you can also see lots more in the flickr group.  it's not too late to join in if you'd like to make your own colour wheel as part of the challenge.


don't miss out on my giveaway if you haven't already popped your name in the hat.  i'll be drawing it anytime now.


  1. You know what? I like your original image with the blobs and the fingers coming out like the way our networks spread and sometimes intertwine much better than the prints in the two links you gave. The first is more simple and profound, the latter two are too, um, usual??? The first is inspiring and thought provoking, the prints not so much. My thoughts anyway :-)

  2. FB has really encroached on my Blogging time. I think because I can keep up with my family in such an immediate way. It fills a need which hadn't been so easy to fill before. I've been struggling with this actually. I love blogging too but haven't been able to split my time very well. One thing that keeps me anchored is your blog. I know if I at least get to see what you are doing, I'm still connected. So thank you for that!

  3. Barely have time to blog, but like you I really love what it offers. I've never done the fb, but maybe thats because I am not that "social".
    By the way I love your ecourse paintings -especially "sunrise"

  4. you are one blogger, that I read from start to finish, that in itself is huge, as I usually skim if I like what I see I read the entry, but yours no matter what, I read and I always come out from reading asking my own sort of questions and wonderings.
    thankyou for that little aspect.
    xx Courtney

  5. well I am no artist, nor am I an art critic,....but... I have to say, for me the first of your colour challenges is by far the best, the one at the top of this blog.. wow, that design really had my interest from first sight on the thumbnail of your blog !! ~ L.

  6. I'm with on the blogging vs. facebook Cathy. FB can be fun but like Twitter, it's a bit superficial for me. Blogging really does offer a way to tell a story if you are a storyteller at heart =-)

  7. great post Cathy! I am sure I will keep my blog, it's more me than the others, I was feeling that everyone was on FB and I wasn't there much (before I joined some groups) and so I wondered was there a point to my blog (it was a recent period of doubting everything I was doing) it was like everyone was in one room at a party and I was in the kitchen by myself, but now I realise I am fine in the kitchen by myself, it's OK. xx

  8. by others I mean FB and Twitter