Saturday, May 14, 2011

{things i'm diggin'}


Sharing my story over at Do What You Love.  You can read a bit about my journey into being an artist.  Thanks so much Beth for the opportunity.

CurlyPops Hottie Challenge supporting the Margaret Pratt Foundation to raise much needed funds for research into heart lung transplants.  Get on over and join in.

Monica's call for help.  I'd love it if you'd pop over and read her story and request.

Kat's Worthiness Wednesdays.  Love seeing her put her heart into this project.

Counting the sleeps till I'm forty. 4 sleeps peeps!

Early birthday presents from Ms L.  I'm so lucky and loved.

Getting a stack of happy mail this week and news of some other lovely gifts coming my way.

Little moments of serendipity.

Dreaming about making our new house into a home and creating my new studio space.

What about you?  Whatchoo diggin'?


  1. How cool - my painting matches my little bloggy button!
    I'm diggin' that I actually turned the sewing machine on tonight, for the first time in 2 weeks... and you'll never guess what I'm making?

  2. hoping you have a wonderful birthday in a few days time and it is SUCH wonderful news about your new house!! can't wait to see inside xxx

  3. Hey sweetie, thanks so much for the shout-out!
    Have a fabbo birthday and be sure to set aside some special time for dreaming about how you are going to decorate the dream house that is coming your way!
    Good times for you, my friend. Such good times, a long time in coming and so well deserved.

  4. I second the shout-out for Kat and for me!! Thank you for including my post in this list Cathy!!

    Now I've got to pop over to Beth's blog and read about your story as an Artist - congrats on the interview profile!!

    So glad I can leave a comment today - guess the technical snags have finally been ironed out on Blogger?!

    Though it's a bit early:

  5. Hey honey, hope all is great and yay to dreaming about houses and studios. xxx

  6. I reckon you should call it The Week For Living Big. Go well TG...

  7. Oooh, it's probably your birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  8. I just wanted to say : thank you for sharing your story at Do What You Love. My "story" is sort of similar, which is why I found it so encouraging to read that someone has actually made it being an artist this way. I loved to paint as a teen, but growing up I decided to go for a business degree.

    Still, I'm continuously developing my style and hope to become as talented as yourself one day! :)