Thursday, April 21, 2011


Starting Point
I am totes excited about starting 10 magical days of holidays very soon.
I am totes going to be painting, painting, painting over that time.
I am totes busy planning my first solo exhibition for the year opening in June at Chair 14.
I am totes looking forward to seeing family and friends over Easter.
I am totes going out for lunch at Mamasita while I am on holidays.
I am totes working on a super special surprise for one of my peeps and can't wait to spill the beans.
I am totes shocked that a mere 2 glasses of red wine can produce a hangover.
I am totes into the word totes at the moment.  Every time I say it I feel giggly and happy.
Have a totes great Easter peeps!

Totes: A shorter more convenient version of the word totally.  This word is most commonly used by teenage girls. {Urban Dictionary}


  1. Ok so you are totes a tiny nutty!

    I hope your holiday is extra fabulous and extra long and extra the totes best ever.


  2. hope your holiday is 'totes fab' and your painting inspiration is totes there!~♥

  3. I totes bet that you're going to be totes happy for the whole of the next week! lol lmao!

  4. Love your paintings! Glad to hear you are painting and hope you have a great restful holiday. Can't wait to see more of what you have up your sleeve for your show and for your friend.

  5. Oh my GAWD! Your holiday plans sound TOTALLY AWESOME, like FER SURE!!

    BTW: those paintings look fabulous and I'm sure they will be snapped up in minute at your upcoming SOLO EXHIBITION =-)

  6. PS: Have I ever mentioned that I live in THE VALLEY, as in "Valley Girl"??!?!

    Tooootallyyyyy! ;)

  7. get busy Miss Cathy..the world awaits an outpouring of your talent! xo

  8. Thanks for the explanation, I was reading along thinking "what the heck is totes?" ha ha. have a great time. those paintings make me want to jump inside of them. very nice.

  9. Im so glad you added the footnote, I totes had no idea what you were on about ;)

    Happy Easter to you and Ms L, hope the bunny found you xxx