Friday, April 8, 2011


Step 1

I've come away from last weekend feeling completely changed as an artist.  To be honest I feel a bit overwhelmed as I hadn't considered the possibility that 2 days of painting could have such a profound effect on my work.  My goal for the weekend was to play and to be open.  To give myself the gift of time and space.  To take what Flora had to give and embrace it with all my heart and soul. 

Step 2

There were occasional moments when I felt myself tensing up, or worrying about time, or getting attached to the outcomes, but then I'd just take a deep breath and tell myself to let it all go.  I'd go for a walk in the idyllic surrounds and listen to the birds or feed a horse an apple.  For the most part I felt so completely relaxed all weekend.  I felt a peace that I haven't felt in quite a while. Isn't that always when the best shifts happen?

Step 3

At the same time though the weekend felt like some kind of homecoming. As I played and experimented and totally indulged in Flora's process of layering and mark-making, of adding colour and taking it away, I felt a rhythm take hold.  It all made such perfect sense.  This, I thought, is exactly the way I was always meant to paint.  Intuitively, passsionately and with wild abandon.

Final Piece
Untitled {as yet}
Acrylics on canvas
30 x 30 inch

*all the photos in this post are of the same painting at various stages of its evolution.  It was amazing to watch it unfold.  Flora talked about not thinking too much and letting the paintings emerge of their own accord.  I totally got it!


  1. That is so great!

    How hard it is to learn to let go. I am so glad you have learnt, I am still learning.

  2. The painting looks as if it has hugely benefited from your letting go. A more fluid process is reflected in the painting, I think. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  3. That's amazing. I would never have have known that all three were the same painting.
    As you've probably already worked out - I absolutely love the finished product!

  4. There is such a fluidity to that painting and the colours just beam out it!

  5. HOLY HECK. That is some metamorphosis. Welcome home TG.

  6. Beautiful painting, vibrant colours, well done.

  7. happy homecoming
    & love your
    painting bouquet!xo

  8. I just wrote and re-wrote my comment about this post but words are not really saying what is in my heart, so I will just let it be and know that you probably know what I mean. It is just awesome that you got to have this experience.

  9. Beautifully said. Sometimes we are given the gift of someone or an experience that is life changing. Flora was that for me. I am so thrilled for you.

  10. wow Cathy I love it!! Amazing work and such a transition from start to finish

  11. ditto times a thousand...working on my Flora blog now glad to see you experienced such a profound shift as does feel like we've come home in a sense..hugs, peace and love..say hello to Jay for me too xox

  12. Hi Cathy! Loved catching up on your bloggy. :) I'm so happy for you to have been so lucky to take a class with flora! The process looks awesome, beautiful work!
    Happy Weekend to you!

  13. Wow, i love it! The last picture is so intense! Really some great stuff, sounds like a great, blissful weekend.

  14. It sounds like it was an amazing weekend.
    I think it's so wonderful that when we go to classes like this, we learn about ourselves as well. Opening yourself up to the freedom of letting go & letting the creativity flow.
    You're inspiring as always dear lady!
    Have a beautiful week. x

  15. That painting is just INCREDIBLE. Wow. I can see the difference and it's amazing. I loved your paintings before but this is so set apart from the rest in it's abandon.

  16. SO SO happy for you my friend that you experienced such a magical time. It's so nice to hear about enjoying the process and embracing the flow. Beautiful work Cathy! xo