Sunday, January 16, 2011

{what comes after}

After a {seemingly} long hiatus from painting it was wonderful to carve out some time in the studio over the weekend.

Acrylics on board
8 x 8 inch

I'm so pleased with this little piece.  The message applies perfectly in my life at the moment.

Both originals - 'Courage' and it's sister piece 'A Little Dream'  - are for sale in the shop now.


  1. so lovely!
    i'll always remember hearing
    maya angelou say
    courage is our
    most important virtue
    because w/out it,
    we can do nothing else.

  2. Courage and dreams. Both so, so much needed all of the time if we are to live an authentic life.

    I am thinking I am signing up for Get Your Paint On.....maybe - like 90% there... just gotta see if I can get more broadband. ♥

  3. yay! i'm SO glad to see some new work emerging Cathy! This piece "Courage" is really beautiful in it's bold colors =-)

  4. Its worth the wait.....