Thursday, January 13, 2011



Between the devastation happening in QLD, the energy I'm putting into my return to full time work, the opressive humidity, and a lack of creative mojo that started in early December, I haven't got much to say or show at all. 

Mostly it's the floods though.  It's so hard to keep on keeping on when so many people's lives are completely shattered. When I'm not at work I've been watching the television in disbelief and sadness, checking on friends and family (who are all ok thank goodness) and sending my thoughts and prayers to people and animals who are grieving, suffering, trying to stay safe.

I've seen plenty around blogland about how to help, but if for some reason you're out of the loop Pip has a good post here with all kinds of information.  I'm keeping it simple and donating money to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.  If any of my friends from across the globe would like to make a donation I'd be happy for you to send money via my paypal account and I can make the donation on your behalf. Every little bit will help.

I can't imagine how it must feel to be facing the task of rebuilding your life and your community on such a vast scale.  I am shocked at the tests that people have to face in life, and truly amazed at the strength of the human spirit.


  1. all seems so shocking

  2. I know. I cannot watch the tv at present. It frightens me so much. My heart breaks for them all.

  3. Oh Cathy. I can't even imagine the challenge they face. It is so traumatic and heartbreaking. Thank-you for pointing out where we can go to help online. You have such a kind and loving heart.