Saturday, July 3, 2010

Performing Money Miracles

Ms L and I live a reasonably comfortable life.  We have more than many and less than some.  For the most part we stick to a pretty tight budget and manage to pay our bills, eat good food and enjoy the occasional luxury.

Things have been pretty frugal for the past few months since I stopped working full time.  We still manage to pay the bills, we still eat good food but the luxuries have had to go by the wayside.  A small price to pay for a happier life.

I've taught myself to enjoy the more affordable luxuries in life.  A traditional French baguette bought fresh, a new felt tip pen, and homemade pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream on a Friday night.

But I have to admit that sometimes it's hard.  There's certainly times that I wish there was more disposable income lying around.

When Mati Rose posted about her painting a day project, 'Grow' was the first painting she listed for sale. Something about this painting reached out and touched my soul.  The colours, the sentiment, the way it matches where I'm at at the moment.

Every day this week I've clicked over to Mati's Etsy shop to look at this beautiful painting.  Every day I hoped that I wouldn't find it sold.  Every day I fell more in love.

So yesterday I granted myself a little bit of luxury and I bought the painting.  I'd been wishing for a money miracle so I could buy it.

Sometimes the best miracles are the ones you perform yourself!

{By the way, if you're reading this in a reader come on over and check out the changes I've made around here.  Things are looking pretty spiffy.}


  1. me likes the changes!
    well done on granting yourself a well earned luxury and a beautiful one at that.
    we don't do with alot of luxuries but we learn that joy can come from even the simplest of things & I like that, i like that I appreciate things even more.
    this wonderful bit of luxury you have given yourself will mean alot more knowing that you LOVE it so much that after much thought you absolutely could not do without it.
    enjoy my friend ♥

  2. Good for you !! I am looking for the courage to leave my full time working life behind but am just dreaming at the moment - Maybe in 12 months time fingers crossed. Hugs - Fee XX

  3. What a wonderful compliment for a painter to fall so in love with another artists work. Good on you for spoiling yourself. Cherrie
    PS Love the new look too!

  4. that is a lovely painting, i can see why you fell in love with i1. And I know what you mean about the tight budget, I'm in the same boat, and yes you have to buy yourself something special every now and then to keep going :)

  5. your blog looks WONDERFUL Cathy and I am sooooo happy you spoilt yourself a little and bought the painting, you deserve it xx ps Cam has promised me lots of photos of your exhibition coz I can't get there and pps when will you start doing tutorials on youTube????????

  6. i can.t think of a better person to buy a painting from my dear and it will be living in a wonderful home.
    loves to you

  7. I'm loving the blog facelift!! And, the painting is beautiful. Enjoy it!!

  8. The blog is looking really fab Cathy! And I LOVE that painting, how beautiful.

  9. The blog looks great Cathy! Glad that you've treated yourself too.

  10. love the new look blog very stylish indeed. the painitng is beautiful, I couldn't agree more, art is a luxury and one I can't always afford to indulge in, I do love it when artists sell some of there works as postcards or cards though- I can have a little peice of theirs in my house for under $10 and I like that a lot.

  11. Gorgeous new site! Congrats!!
    And the perfect gift to herald the arrival of abundance and joy in your creative life.

  12. thanks for reminding me that it's okay to "perform our own money miracles", especially when money is tight - it's a great reminder that we DO have abundance in our lives and we DO deserve some luxuries in our lives =-)

    BTW: your blog is looking FABULOUS!!

  13. Good for you! The piece is beautiful and if it speaks to you that strongly, it's meant to be yours!

    Love the new layout - very nice!

  14. Just love the painting...
    and adore the new look of your blog...
    Sometimes it is really hard to stretch the budget...
    It has been stretched a long way for my family at the moment...
    But when you find something that makes you smile and gives a little meaning to it can be really worth it...

  15. This is a kind of dilemma I keep falling into every time I really want to spend money on indulging myself. I recently signed up for a art retreat in Marrakesh and oh boy did I feel guilty but absolutely excited! Now that the trip date is getting closer I feel only excitement and anticipation, my guilt got bored and walked away in disgust :)

  16. I absolutely LOVE the new look! It`s fresh and vibrant! There is no doubt that this painting was made for you. Enjoy it and let it generate more abundance in your life. I just bought a print myself...sometimes you just have to give into that feeling...the one that says; Oh ya, you so NEED that painting...

  17. loving the blog makeover! really love that red header, too!! Nice job!

  18. Good for you for treating yourself art... you will never regretting buying something that will last and keep you smiling. BTW, I LOVE the new direction that you have taken with your artwork. Your blog header looks fabulous. x

  19. I know exactly what you're saying. I too have adjusted my life, less spending to allow for me to be an artist. And, yes, sometimes it's really hard. Especially when you hang out with friends who have real jobs.

    But I too splashed out last week and bought myself a little treat off Etsy. You really have to every now and then, just to make you feel normal, and remind yourself that even though money is tight, you can still stretch and flex rom time to time.

    I also like to reward myself after big projects, as an incentive. :)

  20. Wowee you have made some lovely changes......I must admit reading things in google reader you miss out on alot of the creativity of bloggers. The painting is fantastic and I do look at Madi's blog from time to time just to see her colours. I hope it brightens up a lovely space in your home.