Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something For Me, And Perhaps Something For You

I arrived home today to find a little package on the doorstep. I couldn't remember expecting any parcels. Then I saw it was from Beth.

Beth got stranded in Geneva when the volcano hit, and instead of being grumpy and stuck, she embraced the moment and headed to Paris for the weekend. How very fabulous.

Not only did Beth share her wonderful weekend via her blog, she also shared some goodies. I was the lucky winner of one of her giveaways.

I know! How lucky am I to be the winner of a giveaway involving a tin. And a gorgeous French tin, all the way from Paris at that. Big thanks to you Beth. I love it. Now I just have to decide what treasure it shall keep safe.


Now for the something for you bit. After the big studio clear out I have some books to sell. I thought I'd list them here before I head over to e-bay.

I've listed the price next to the book and you will need to pay the postage as well, or work out a way to pick them up. I'll get an accurate cost on the postage once I know where I'm sending them but you can assume it will be between $5-$10 Australia wide.

They're all in excellent condition. Things that I've enjoyed but no longer need. I'm refining and making room for new things at the moment.

I've also put a link to the Amazon listing so you can check them out a bit more.

If you're interested shoot me an email at tinniegirl(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au. First in, best dressed for these.


  1. What a lovely surprise giveaway to win! Wouldn't it be lovely if Paris could be on the agenda for a weekend away....I can dream.

  2. Glad to see it arrived safely! I wonder what treasures it will hold? And great to see that you are making a clearning, and that you no longer need those books because no doubt you have already unleashed your collage, expressed your life through it and art journaled authentically - love it! It you were any closer I'd pop round and buy them :-)

  3. packages make everything better :)

  4. what a great way to clear space and inspire creativity in others! i may have to try this out myself - i'm long overdue for more cleaning in my own creative play-space!!

    and HOORAY for packages in the mail =-)!!

  5. i was sooooooo happy that you won beths wonderful tin.
    i wish i was stranded with her...didn.t her trip to paris sound scrumptious?
    i miss you.
    will you please RESEND your email address to me...
    i have a little something to pop in the post as well.
    (we don.t say that here in arizona..."the post"...that.s fun to say isn.t proper and all!)