Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gift Of Time

I like birthdays.  I like the opportunity they present to reflect on the passing of time and to set intent for the next year.  A personal new year of sorts.

I also like to get myself a gift each year.  Something a little bit special.

I've been so busy since I finished work a few weeks ago.  I was thinking about it last week and I realised that the very best birthday present I could ask for would be time.  Time to paint, to dream, to write, to enjoy my own company and to just be.

So that's what I gave myself.  A week just for me.  Only a couple of things on the calendar and all of them things that don't require me to organise or do anything.  Things where I can just arrive and be.  Good things at that too.  The Northern Craft Bonanza, and High Tea at the Windsor.

Tomorrow, on my birthday, I'm following Louise's lead. You'll find me in my studio, listening to tunes, paint brush in hand, big smile on my face.  Pop in and say Hi.


  1. I shan't make it the studio for birthday wishes among the paint pots but I could probably swing High Tea at The Windsor...

  2. Happy, happy birthday friend!! I hope you have a delightful day!

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow! All the best people have May birthdays, it seems!

  4. Ahh what a great gift. A priceless one. And always good to spread the birthday love out as long as possible. Enjoy!

  5. I hope you have a very fabulous birthday tomorrow doing exactly what you want to do all day long!
    May all your dreams and wishes for the next year come true.

  6. Happy birthday for tommorrow Cathy! Wishing you a glorious day :)

  7. Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Cathy! The week sounds perfect. Enjoy - you deserve it!

  9. happy birthday, one day early!
    i love your intentional plans
    to honor what delights you.
    i ADORE your bliss painting
    in a post below. succulant sigh.
    wishing you the fullness
    & most fillingness of bliss.x

  10. Hey darling....happy birthday, its your day and you sooo deserve a whole day and week of doing exactly what you want to do, i cannot wait to see what gorgeousness you create.. I WISH i could teleport myself over for high tea and to hang out in your studio, painting, chatting, a few glass of champagne (for creative idea purposes of course). Have a wonderful time. ;-) xxx

  11. happiness happiness to you today and of course tomorrow on your birthday!!!

    i think you are giving yourself a most special gift and i hope you enjoy every second of it!!!

    sending love
    cheers to you

  12. Happy Birthday Cathy! I hope it's a rip roaring one!!!

  13. Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day. Great to finally meet you on the weekend :-)