Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Battening Down The Hatches

work in progress

Acrylics on Canvas

8 x 8 inch

Autumn is fully upon us here in ole' Melbourne town. My senses are filled with it.

Smelling - potato and leek soup and fresh baked bread, rhubarb and apple crumble. All made by me.

Looking - I'm mesmerised by the change of season, the colours, the early darkness in the sky, the gorgeous turning of the leaves.

Feeling -
the coolness in the air, the fallen leaves crunching under my feet. I've been having fun kicking them about. Takes me right back to childhood.

Listening - to the birds. Magpies, Ravens, Parrots. The noisy ones are my favourites. They notice the change of season too.

Tasting - life at a different pace, the goodies from my kitchen, and a banana right this instant.

I wasn't thinking of a meme when I started this post, but it seems like a good one. Would you like to play along?


  1. This is my favourite Tinnie Girl painting yet. I LOVE it. I think this pace of life is agreeing with you. I have a few plans before my free time runs out this afternoon. I may be back to play along if I get my to do list finished off.

  2. oh i do love soothing soup and sweet comforting!! im still hanging for this cooler weather to come, we keep getting glimpses but then it goes back to being warm and sunny...whats going on??
    i'll try and play along this week!

  3. I love this piece Cathy, you really have captured the feeling of Autumn, your break is really agreeing with you, all your cooking is making me hungry

  4. This is stunning Cathy, the colours are captivating. Sounds like you fit perfectly into your new life

  5. Hello Autumn..i love that time of bizarre saying that as I am sweating my bits off here in the old US of A. I am Soooooooo proud of you quitting your job and am so excited to see your next steps as you submerge yourself into your creative journey. Love the new piece above...i love trees (can you tell!). Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

  6. I really love your creations!

    Hi I'm just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Looking forward to getting started!

    take care,

    Miriam xoxo
    (fellow Aussie)
    Blog -