Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Puffy Eggy Goodness? Yes Please!

I was introduced to the delights that are popovers, the American take on Yorkshire Pudding, when I visited The Cliff House in San Francisco. Instead of bread they serve you a delicious, hot basket of popovers. So delicious in fact, that we had to request a second serve.

Puffy, eggy goodness is indeed what a popover is. The are magically hollow and light in texture. The recipe is ultra simple.

I found the recipe I've been using here. Be sure to read the tips and tricks section as well as the recipe. I used a large muffin pan (holds 6 muffins) which works perfectly. No need for a special popover pan. I also don't test the temperature of the oven. I just preheat it to 225c and hope for the best.

I've cooked them twice and I've found I only need to have them in the oven for about 25-30 minutes (the recipe requires 40 minutes). Maybe it's the muffin pan or just my oven. I'd suggest if you try them that you keep a close eye on them from the 20 minute mark. (I'm also going to think about reducing the oven temperature at the 15 or 18 minute mark, rather than the 20 minute mark in the recipe). They're ready when they are golden and crispy looking.

Let me know if you do make some. I'd love to know what you think.

Morning tea anyone?


  1. mmm that looks yummy, i want one now...mmmm, well i think i better try that recipe!

  2. Oh my they look yumbo! Im going to have to try them out tomorrow for the kids lunch.

  3. Might have to email this to chef, they look dam good!

  4. And my mum always says Yorkshire puddings are so hard to make - I shall have to have words! Maybe we should do a swap, me being in Yorkshire and all :-) Would love to 'pop over' for morning teaXx

  5. I am a huge popover fan. The recipe is stuck to the side of my fridge to remind me to make them when I can't decide what I want. They are super easy and so good with butter.

  6. I'm very impressed. I had a vision in my mind of what popovers were and it was a short of flat hard square with jam in the middle...where that came from I don't know! Anyway yous look damned fine. You clever girl you....

  7. Chrisy that's a turnover ;).

    I have been there, I have eaten them, ooh, yum, I had forgotton all about them and now you have inspired me to make them.

    weekend breakfast here we come.

  8. dear cathy...
    mondays are breakfast for dinner night at the gardner home.
    a favorite is what we call "german pancakes" although my is from germany and swears they NEVER ate these there.
    i will send you the recipe.
    if you LOVE popovers, you.ll LOVE these.
    ms. L and you are going to thank me for many years to come.
    miss you
    glad to see you are up and out and painting up a beautiful wonderful storm.

  9. Oh my yorky goodness! They look soooo good! I may have to try making them!

  10. are they like yorkshire puddings?