Saturday, April 17, 2010

Channelling Flora Bowley

Spring in Central Park
Acrylics and gel pens on canvas
12 x 12

and Sabrina Ward Harrison, Mati Rose, Chrissy's gorgeous painted words, a love of NYC, the autumn colours surrounding me and the blossoming that is taking place with my painting at the moment.

I love this piece. Really, truly love it. I painted it over the Easter break before life got too busy and the blahs set in.

Still aiming to get back to the studio this weekend. What are you up to?


  1. I'm admiring that wonderful painting you've created. I love it very much too. The colours and the different strokes, the sense of movement. Nice one.

  2. what am I up too?
    Not a lot today, chef at work, its raining, Busy is sick and being very quiet which, although it sounds good, is worrying, I am already wondering what we are having for dinner... tomorrow morning tea at a frinds place and then a BBQ n the afternoon... in between playing with my new cameran and reading lovely blogs like yours! Have a great one Cathy.

  3. This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I love it and can totally see why you do.
    It has a slightly Japanese feel about it too. I adore that aesthetic.
    The blossoming is very you. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. that painting is FULL of color - i LOVE it!

    working on goods for the etsy launch and new pages for my Artful Journey book and hopefully purchasing a few new supplies...and drooling over the i-pad that i am dying to have! ;)

  5. Stunning work my friend. Stunning. I love that you have you in there.


  6. how is it even possible to include MY name in the same sentence with sabrina ward harrison...LOVE her and my EVER FAVORITE...mati rose!!!?
    i think that goes against all blog etiquette my dear.
    thank you.
    i am humbled.
    happy anniversary to you and ms L.
    i have NO doubt that she is 110% wonderful!
    huge hugs to the both of you.
    doing ANYTHING for 10 years deserves a huge party with cartwheels and bubbles and flying air people!
    and spring in central park....LOVELY happy little bird, just LOVELY!

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, i'm glad you like my work that makes me happy :)

    Micki x

  8. love your blossom painting, love your list of wonders (adore chrissy!), happy to visit here again...because of course, who doesn't find joy in walking through a field of flowers? x

  9. i love that piece too. It says spring all over it to me.

    I'm glad you are feeling stirrings. I assume the anniversary went, um, well?

  10. I love this piece too! You were so clever in the composition and color- it does speak BLOSSOM! in the best way. GREAT JOB!

  11. This is just gorgeous - I love the energy