Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best Thing For It

A quiet day on the couch, with the heater going, a cup of coffee or two, and some blogging.

Hmmn, that sounds good.


  1. sounds like a great idea Cathy. I will be sharing your lovely goodies very soon xx ps my word verification is "fluck"!!!!!

  2. Sounds perfect Cathy. Hope you are ok xxx :)

  3. Its sounds like the perfect way to spend this chilly, grey day. Hope you are well. Liesl x

  4. sounds peaceful....relaxing....simple!!

    hope today is good to you!


  5. Sounds like just what was needed. Think we have to keep reminding ourselves that life is meant to be about doing the things that make us feel good. I know I do.
    As I typed above I had another thought little Tinnie Girl and hope you don't mind me sharing. Sometimes as love gravitates out from us to others, we have to remember to let it circle back to us...knowing that we deserve to love ourselves and let others love us...