Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just Like Mum Used To Take

I dig Hipstamatic, and Kootoyoo for the introduction.

I dig weekends, catching up with Mum, being in the studio, and shaking off the heaviness that's been hanging around me these past two weeks.

And you? May I ask what you're diggin' this weekend?


  1. i am diggin these photos.
    i am diggin spending a WHOLE day with ALL my kiddos hiking around the hidden beauty of sedona, arizona.
    i am diggin that i STILL have 2 more days of my weekend to DIG lots more things

  2. i'm digging the Hipstamatic images you've got going on here! I've got to show that to Doug =-)
    i'm digging my "office art book" that makes days at the office a bit better...
    i'm REALLY digging my art project at home - it's been on my back-burner for a LONG time!
    i'm digging the comments my blog buddies have been leaving for me =-)
    i'm digging that it's the weekend! and the Spring Equinox to boot!
    and i am digging that you have gained CLARITY!! YAY for Cathy!

  3. What a great flavour of your weekend so far.
    I'm digging the fact that my husband has just announced that he's off to the supermarket in search of treats! I can only hope that's of the bubbly and ice-creamy variety. :-)

  4. I do kind of love Hipstamatic too! And, I'm digging my new Liberty of London teapot.