Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is It Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas?

I seemed to have missed the bus. I find myself sitting here at work this afternoon pondering how it got to be the 23rd December and how I am so completely unprepared for that fact. I've managed to amass the required Christmas presents and have managed a delivery of some Magic Reindeer Dust for some special little people in my life. That however, is about it.

There is no Christmas tree, there are no Christmas baked goods waiting to be wrapped in cellophane and distributed to neighbours and friends. I'm not even sure if we have enough wrapping paper to cover us.

I believe there are two options before me:
  • Go home, run a hot bath and start planning for Christmas 2010. Oh, the visions I have of hand made ornaments, gorgeous jars of cookie ingredients, fresh baked loaves of damper and a house full of festive cheer.
  • Get out of this office, get myself to the shops for the supplies I need, get going on some Christmas baking, decorate the Croton with Christmas cheer and drag my Christmas spirit, kicking and screaming, from whatever recess it's hiding in.
Stay tuned for an outcome tomorrow.


  1. that is definitely how I feel, the christmas cheer has ho, ho, hoed away from me.
    oh well, let's have a cold drink & think about next year :)
    hugs to you & Ms L ♥

  2. I had a mad 10 hour rush of it on Sunday and now I'm cruising.

    Pick 2! Pick 2!!

    But if worst comes to the worst, I'll give you a slice of Christmas cake when I see you ;-)

  3. I love your collage pictures and am glad to know I'm not the only person who is woefully under prepared. ps I believe you Chinese anonymous above is leading people to an 'adult' site

  4. Arggh – I’d vote for start planning 2010 – but thats probably because I am exhausted by all I have done so far and there is still a list for tomorrow! And I wouldn’t wish this exhaustion on you after such a busy time at work. I won’t have baked goods for neighbours and very little is handmade, but I am still run off my feet with Little Guy and trying to get everything ready for the masses to arrive on Friday. No matter which plan you choose I hope the Christmas spirit kicks in soon and you have a great time.

  5. Which ever you decide, I hope you enjoy yourself and your loved ones and get to eat and drink some yummy stuff. XX

  6. Organised or not, make sure you take time in there to....STOP....and enjoy the day and remember what it's all really supposed to be about. Your friends aren't going to mind not getting any baked goodies....

  7. I'd go with the first option :) less stress then going to a shop this time of year

  8. There's an awful lot of that meh feeling going around. Our plan for today is to make some Christmas trees from half circles of paper and the kids are going to decorate them. Buy some wrapping paper and wrap wrap wrap and get the kids to roll the chocolate balls in the coconut and gorge ourselves, leaving some for tomorrow of course! Hope Christmas becomes what you need it to be, it may just take a little get up and go but it will be worth it :-)

  9. Wishing you the best of the Season, there's lots going on over here today mostly to keep the kids busy so they don't drive me mental!!

  10. Since I took today off from work (and we were snowed in all weekend), things here are moving on course. I have a little baking for tomorrow and my daughter wants to bake so I'll help with that. The tree never gets dressed before the 24th, family tradition. Food and drink and lots of laughs.

    Merry Christmas to you and Ms. L!

  11. Merry Christmas. December has flown by for me. I've not even been able to blog about it. LOL

    I don't know, it's a challenging time of year for me. Perhaps a nice cold beer for Christmas would be just the ticket, maybe wash away that feeling that it's all gotten away from me and I'm too late for the party. Bring me back to the NOW. NOW is where I need to be!

  12. Hope that whatever you picked went well. Merry Christmas to you and Ms L. xxx