Friday, December 11, 2009

In The Nick Of Time

I'm back. Just in time to say come and visit me tomorrow at the Made n' Thornbury Market. I'll be selling original collages and 'Messages from the Universe' affirmation packs. Not that many though. I haven't had any time to make anything, but it's such a lovely day out that I decided I'd go along anyway. Lucky for me I'm sharing my stall with the fabulous Betty Jo, so it doesn't matter that I don't have that much stock.

Do you know it's only 8 more working days till I get to have a holiday. I am so excited by the prospect of leisurely days crafting and catching up with friends, lying around the house watching movies, staying in my PJ's till dinner time, cooking, eating, reading, resting. That's all I need. A little bit of time out from this crazy fast world.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. If you're in the vicinity of Thornbury tomorrow, pop in and visit us.


  1. Oh I shall try to say hello tomorrow. =) Will be trying to make it there before speeding off to Market 3031 in Kensington. ^^;;

  2. Hope the market goes spectacularly well! And thanks for the birthday wishes, the bun in the pic is my old bun Flossie, her naughtiness was only surprised by that of her boyfriend Mr Franz!

  3. Hope the market went well Cathy - maybe we can catch up over the summer???

  4. I so wanted to come, but instead spent the day at a family birthday party. Fun. Ahem.
    I haven't forgotten you, love, just completely inundated by customers who leave their shopping until December.....