Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 7 - Happiness

My wonderful nieces and nephews

is having a posse.

Have you got a posse?
Who are the people that sustain you, who make you feel happy
and who inspire you to be your best?


  1. yes, i can say i have a posse:
    my dear Wise Woman is at the top of the list!
    my knitting buddies: Jane G., Kelly and the ladies of Stitch Cafe!
    my friends and fellow costumers Margarita and Lisa
    new fellow Creative Kindred Spirit Jane D
    and so many other wonderful art spirits i know not to mention my awesome boyfriend who is so supportive, Doug =-)
    it's good to have a posse!

  2. i like! now I have to re evaluate my posse ;)
    i do know that i don't like being around people that make me feel my worst. ♥

  3. yep. i have a posse. A clever creative group ofwomen that make me giggle.

  4. Girlfriends... they are the best!

  5. Hmm now that is a Question! I have a few different people who help me trudge on and keep inspired.

    My fellow crafty Mumma's on a forum - they inspire me to try new things. Especially Julia & Ali who I am going inot knitting business with!

    Mum & my sister in law - for being there when I need to moan & whinge and get back up that I am doing things right as a Mum.

    My Hubby Dean - through our ups and the many downs at the moment we keep on keeping on, have some laughs and are there for each other.

  6. Si and I. We're deadly together.

  7. That is one mean looking bike gang!! LOL :)

    Posse? I have a small but close group of online stitching friends.

  8. Great photo - random unposed shots are always my favourites....
    I'm quite lucky to have 3 posses - my crafty friends posse, my non-crafty friends posse, and my family posse.
    Isn't posse a strange word?

  9. Love that photo!

    Did you know that one of the definitions of posse is "A gang involved in crimes such as running guns and illegal narcotics trafficking"? I won't admit publicly to my gun-running posse ... but I can say that I am very lucky to belong to some wonderful circles. Especially the talented and generous crafty ones!

  10. happy indeed!! i have quite a few dear friends that support and encourage but must admit none that actually craft or that I can sit and craft with...i think i need to find a crafting posse!

  11. I hadn't thought about it this workmates who are artists and keep me inspired...and my family who keep me on my toes!

  12. That is a fabulous photo. I love it.

    Everyday, everyday I am so grateful I went out that Winter night when I wanted to stay at home, when I met my beloved. That night, my posse of 1 became my most important posse of 2.

  13. I have a very geographically scattered posse...even though we live all over the world now and live very different lives they're still wonderful :)

  14. Yes, I have posses. There are 2 knitting posses, my writing friends posse, and my husband, son, daughter, and daughter-in-law. All of them keep me sane-ish.