Friday, September 18, 2009

Sssh, It's A(nother) Secret

Nope! I'm not telling.
Not even if you bribe me with Melbourne Epicure's cupcakes.
Well maybe for a cupcake, I could be swayed.

This is one of the new ideas I'm working on.
I don't think I'll be able to keep it to myself for long.
I am excited about this in a 'heart on my sleeve','totally putting myself out there' kind of way.


  1. how exciting!! you are really venturing into this new you whole heartedly. every great artist feels that moment of "nakedness", when they have put themselves out there, nervously, in anticipation that people will "get it". looking forward to your secret ♥

  2. I LOVE your new creation.... and I won't tell a soul!

  3. Whatever it is I hope it goes really well for you ! Just whisper I won't tell anyone .....

  4. can't wait for the secret to be revealed! i love the picture - are those your business cards? they look great...

  5. I love when you get excited. The tone of the post just makes me happy and excited too!!

  6. hmm will wait patiently for your little secret to be revealed now ;)

  7. Sounds v. exciting!
    Love the little cards and envelopes.

  8. No wyou know as soon as you say 'secret', I want to know more.... but I suspect you know that...!!!

    I will patiently wait.

  9. this seems so excting Cathy i can't wait to see what you are up to!!!