Sunday, August 9, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

Indeed there is an upside to computer meltdowns, having to replace your hard drive and losing 2 years worth of data. You figure why stop at a hard drive and external drive, and purchase a much desired copy of photoshop elements and start exploring new outlets for your creativity.

Oh, and you get to practice positive thinking and not getting too fussed about gorgeous photos that have been lost.

You've still got a little bit of time to enter the giveaway if you like. Why don't we make it noon tomorrow instead of midnight tonight.


  1. It's a wonderful feeling when you can look at a 'loss' with a light heart. There is no shortage of good stuff in the universe!

  2. Do you have any clues for Elements? I have had mine nearly a month and I have barely touched it. It confuses the bejesus out of me!

  3. It is so nice to be able to see the lighter side of life

  4. ah yes, positive thinking in the face of computer meltdowns...i dealt with this earlier in the year and it was BAD! though it apparently turned out to be related to the "Mercury Retrograde" happening at the time, something i won't be taking lightly next time it occurs ;)

  5. Oh my god. I would die if my photos were lost. MUST back up photos....

    Yay on getting a new computer though. Have fun playing with it.