Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plans, Part II

Sometimes, just sometimes, things work out exactly as you planned. It's just the lurgy that won't obey instructions and get on its way.


  1. Beautiful squares. I caught a throat thing, wish I could make granny squares!! Have to be happy with knitting, I suppose, if I ever allow myself to rest!

  2. WOW!! They are amazing!! Think I need to get some granny square lessons.. those colours are amazing

  3. I used (maybe 20 years ago) to be able to make those ...very restful..

    Maybe while I'm watching my daughter hold her new baby (due last friday will have to be soon) ...I could try to learn again ...hmmmmm

    Thank you for inspiring.

  4. well honey you're obviously pushin yourself and along and doin it! squares are can put them in a bag and just do another when you're in the mood...and pretty soon...a quilt!

  5. very worthwhile plan you put into action - the squares are coming along beautifully.lovely coclour combos.

    Hope you're on the mend soonish.

  6. Lovely squares. Gee, they mount up hey! :-)

    Yep, the dreaded lurgy is in our house too. Bla.

  7. These are such gorgeous squares. I love your colour combos. Hope you're starting to feel better :)

  8. The squares look fabulous - I really like the colours you have used. And is that the start of a collage beaneath?? Watercolour??

  9. hi Cathy,

    i love your crocheting plans, what could be better when you've got a dose of the lurgy!? i really hope your feeling a wee bit better by now... :)

    i know i owe you an e-mail and i had hoped i would have got round to it by now, but i too am fending off a dose of the lurgy... :(

    thank you for your kind words btw, my man is doing much better now and was back at work this week... yay! i have the place to myself again... ;)

    i will be in touch soon my dear,


  10. ah, good ol' comfort crochet - hope you are all over your lurgy by now. The squares are fabulous - looking forward to seeing it all joined up - lovely.