Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Bit of this, a bit of that

There hasn't been much going on around here these past few days. As well as receiving some beautiful gifts and treats for my birthday I also, unfortunately, received a nasty lurgy that arrived on the very day. After 2 days in bed I'm feeling completely nuts and desperate to get back into the world. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Have you seen the amazing birthday present that Cam made me. I'm stealing her photo because it's perfect and besides, I have no energy for photos or anything much at all.

I can't wait for a chance to wear my new scarf and brooch. They are so divine. The scarf is incredibly soft and so delicate, and just incredible. As soon as I get out of the house they'll be coming with me.

On my birthday an order I placed with Mellimoomoo arrived as well. Megan is an amazingly talented writer, photographer and creative soul. She makes beautiful journals and I ordered a few but was so pleasantly surprised to find an extra one in my package.

Then today another surprise. A completely unexpected package arrived from Juddie of Flightless Boyds fame. An autumn package just because. Such a lovely gesture. And in it this print that I blogged about along with some pressed leaves and some vintage fabric. Thank you so much Juddie. I am so touched by your truly random act of kindness.

So apart from the lurgy I've been completely spoiled this week. C'mon lurgy, on your way. I've got plans you know, plans.


  1. its definitely you, great jewelled colours and i can see u wearing that all day

  2. You got some great pressies!

    Hope you feel better soon. xo

  3. Yay for surprises in the mail... they are lovely!

  4. oooh, I love your new brooch. That talented cam!

  5. That scarf and brooch are just gorgeous. Cam is so clever!