Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 Days of Loot, Glorious Loot - Day 3

Those who know me will attest to my penchant for jewelry and accessories. I tend to keep my clothes simple and use accessories to really express my style. In fact if you want to know how I'm feeling about myself have a look at what jewelry I'm wearing. I notice that at times when I'm struggling or feeling really flat I tend not to pay much mind to adorning myself. When I'm feeling good I pay a lot of attention to accessorising.

My tastes move through different types of jewelry. For a while I was all about necklaces. Years ago I was a bracelet girl. It chops and changes but for the moment it's earring and brooches all the way.

Pearly Whites by Handmaiden

I received the most lovely gifts from my friend Sharon at Handmaiden a few weeks back. Technically we did a swap but I think that the balance was tipped in my favour. 2 pairs of gorgeous earrings for a small softie hardly seems equal so I feel like I was gifted these goodies.

Individual design by Handmaiden

Sophie Isobel and I organised a swap recently too and I was so lucky to have a custom set of brooches made. Everything Sophie creates is so delightful, whimsical and sweet. If you haven't discovered her yet go and visit.

The Tinniegirl Collection by Sophie Isobel Designs

Ms L and I had an amazing holiday in Hawaii a few years back and we have both loved Hawaii ever since. It was one of those holidays that leaves you with a wonderful and romantic nostalgia for a place. Via
Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming I came across Sherry Truitt and decided to purchase a treat for Ms L.

Blue Hawaii by Sherry Truitt

If I was feeling totally cashed up at the moment and not trying to save my pennies for a major purchase I'd splash out on this amazing peice of textile goodness.

Pembroke Cowl in Fig by Yokoo


  1. When I'm feeling a bit flat I always wear a piece of jewellery that was either my Grandma's or Mum's. Love the Hawaii necklace.

  2. I adore handmade jewellery. There's nothing better to make an individual statement or to sum up your mood on any given day. Gorgeous!

  3. I always wear my grandmother's rings - I have one from each of my Nannas. Both have passed, but I wear those rings when I need confidence, and comfort, and love. I'm sure they are not so much valuable, as invaluable to me :) I had every intention of participating in your Glorious Loot, but I'm already behind!! Sorry Tinnie x

  4. that cowl would be perfect with the amethyst earrings

  5. It's amazing how your mood is translated onto your body, isn't it? When I'm feeling flat I don't do my hair. It's a clear sign! I'll watch for your jewellery next time... :-)

  6. Yes, this loot is glorious! I have finally posted my first glorious loot for the week!

  7. What beautiful brooches! I love crafty accessories, they really lift any outfit. i should remember not to wear brooches when I need to be alone, people *always* come up and ask me about them.

    Besides that I just wear my wedding and engagement rings. Really should get my ears re-pierced :)

  8. Thanks honey! I'm so delighted that you love your little collection and I just love your 7 days of Loot! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)
    Sophie x

  9. Lovin' the Hawaii pendant. In fact all the goodies are fab.
    Since I began all this blooging hoo haa I seem to find myself discovering and acquiring the best cafty treats.
    Blogging and discovering certainly go hand in hand.

  10. That is the second time today I've written blooging!

  11. so many lovelies! i bought some of Sharon's earrings for my mum - they are gorgeous!
    so glad you liked Sherry's necklace - they are really pretty arent they?

  12. you should have titled the posts, "seven days of crafty beauty" because the things you've gotten are so lovely. Nothing beats a handmade find.

  13. oooh my, you HAVE been having fun! :D

  14. Is it just me or does the model of the delicious looking cowl look like the scientist woman out of The Incredibles, dahlink????????? (Let me say I speak as someine whose nephew looks exactly like the baddie from the Incredibles!)

  15. I was just saying that I think I'm going to make jewelry this weekend!