Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sticky Subject

It's been too long between collages. I've had a busy start to the year with Tinniegirl which is wonderful but it has kept me out of the studio and away from my paints and glue. Every now and then I remember my true love - sitting with paint brush in hand and canvas before me.

I haven't been completely ignoring the paints though. I've just been forgetting to share.

During Blogtoberfest I did a giveaway. The winners chose a word and I created a collage for them. I made the one above for Erin at Fossil Compass. Her word was 'forest'. This is one of my very favourite collages. It feels grown up and abstract and I was so completely happy with the way it turned out. Don't you love it when that happens?

Libby from A Round Tuit chose the word 'wisdom' and I made the piece below for her. Again, I was really happy with the end result and the way I interpreted her theme.

I loved working this way. It was challenging and stretching to take another person's idea and create something from it.

Often in collages words are at the heart of what I do. There is something so evocative about words. To me they add so much depth to a piece of art. They can make you think, or leave you wondering, comfort, startle or please. How I love words.


  1. I love all of them but I definitely have a soft spot for 'Forest'. I feel peaceful when I look at it.

  2. They are so great and I agree with Curlypops about Forest-just lovely!

  3. I love forest too, but I also think the bottom one with the time pieces is very appealing and unusually original.. so creative, cant wait to see more!

  4. Those are great... I love them all.

  5. These are all beautiful. I feel so very lucky to own my very own piece :) And yes, I agree with the others, there really is something calming and peaceful about that Forest piece:)

  6. I love these. After enlarging the images, and seeing the details of the clocks and those simple yet perfect words. Really lovely.
    And forest is serene with sparkle.

    Hope you get some more time with your paintbrush soon.