Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pesky, Tricky Words

Still busy sorting through my experience of the show so that I can put finger to keyboard. I'm struggling to find the words.

Words can be tricky. A bit of a tease. When I'm pedalling to work in the morning I can hardly keep up with the myriad of ideas, thoughts and words that go spinning through my brain. My creativity fires at 100km/hour when I'm riding. As soon as I find myself in front of the computer with a moment to spare those pesky words seem to go into hiding. They won't come out the way I want them to or they escape me completely.

I was thinking this morning that I'll have to buy a little bag to attach to the front of my bike. I've come to accept that I'm going to have to start pulling over and writing things down as I travel along but having to take things out of my basket to dig through my handbag is too much of a barrier. So a little bag attached to my handle bars with a notebook and pen is what I need. Then I'll conquer the world with my words and ideas. Surely!

This gorgeous notebook from Megan at The Byron Life should do the trick.

Words and pictures of the show to come. Pictures tomorrow for sure. Words? Well, words will come when they come I suppose. That's the way it goes isn't it?


  1. You know everyone is waiting for your report on the show !!!
    It's soooo hard waiting!!

  2. I can relate.

    For someone who has an awful lot to say I constantly find myself without words.

  3. yes, the words will come... they always do.
    (of course it's very, very important to have a little notebook at the ready for when they arrive!! I'd fogotten all abt that little journal - aah wallpaper.)

  4. What a great mental picture - of you pulling off the road to jot down a few ideas.....I love it.

  5. Ah, now I don't feel quite so silly that I carry a little notebook round in my bag ... one for the sole purpose of blogging on the move! I am just the same ... so many witty things to say, until I actually have to tap them out on the keyboard.

    Can't wait to hear your show report. It was lovely to see you!

  6. there's clearly somethig about the movement and fresh air that fires your brain!!

    What about getting some sort of recording device to throw ideas down that way, instead of stopping?

  7. I got a voice recorder gadget for my Ipod (less than $20) which might be an idea for you?

  8. oooh, you're such a tease... c'mon, tell us how it was!!!!!

  9. Well, dear, you know what I always say:

    "A good Sing Along is often very helpful for writer's block."

  10. Hey Tinnie, Jinx with the Mellimoomoo journal post!
    Waiting with baited breath for your Show wrap up....missed our drive home debrief on Sunday. xxLiz

  11. yeah. i feel that way, too. i get a whole bunch of thoughts going, then if i don't write them down RIGHT AWAY - poof! they are gone.