Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something For Everyone

I've just done a major update of the shop. Go and check it out. You're sure to find something you like.

To celebrate the start of the year I'm offering a HAPPY NEW YEAR SPECIAL!!! All Thinker (small) and Dreamer (medium) Tinnies come with an extra fat quarter. All the Doer (large) Tinnies are at Dreamer prices. The sale is on until Feb 28 2009.

I've also created some LIMITED EDITION Minnie Tinnies. These are only while stocks last and are so cute. They are little tins filled with assorted goodies for small craft projects like pincushions or brooches. Lucky dips for grown up crafty girls.

This will most likely be the last shop update for a while. I'm going to be busy concentrating on getting ready for the market stall CurlyPops and I are doing in March. This will be my very first market stall and I'll be concentrating on the collage work that I love to do. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. If you're in Melbourne on March 28th you'll have to come and visit us at the Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House Community Market. I'll post all the details soon. Maybe some of you gorgeous ladies can organise a blog meet up and come and visit us all together.

For now though, get yourself over to the shop. If you see a Tinnie you like I suggest you grab it while it's there.


  1. I'm getting a bit nervous now that it's actually for real!

  2. ...nice that you've got somebody else to share the experience with...that'll make it fun...

  3. I've just popped into the shop!! oh what fun I had!!!

  4. Oh they are all so beautiful! I just love the minnie tinnies, especially the France one! So cute!! What fun you two will have at the markets, I wish I could join you!
    Soph x

  5. Yay! i've just been by your shop :)
    I just wish i could have them all!


  6. Hooray! I'll come to the market - anyone else planning to be there to browse? (Apart from you intrepid selling crafty creators, of course I'll visit you there)

  7. Maybe that's my excuse for my next whirlwind tour of Melb?!
    Have fun getting ready :)

  8. Look at all those fab tins! I can't wait to visit the market and see all your amazing collage.

  9. Have fun getting ready for the market. I hope you both do really well, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun together!

  10. the mini tinnies are a great idea - love the little french style one! cute!!
    the market stall should be a blast - wish I was closer, id come by to say hello!!
    id love a paper filled tinnie - let me know when you can do one for me?