Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Christmas crafting continues. I don't seem to be working at quite the same fabulous pace as a few days ago but I'm getting there. The grand plans may need to be toned down a little as the deadline of Sunday (when items need to be ready to travel interstate) gets closer. We'll see.

I've got a day of sewing planned for Saturday so as long as I get my baking done tomorrow night we should be OK. I was hoping to make spontaneous gifts of fabric coasters for all the in-laws but I think I may just have to focus on the nieces and nephews and my kris kringle.

Then there's the tree still waiting to be decorated, all the gifts to be wrapped and an open house to prepare for on Boxing Day. Plenty of time though. Plenty of time. Keep calm and carry on - isn't that how it goes?


  1. I liked reading this. Two things I have taken away ... tone the grand plans down and keep calm. I need to take some of that advice for my Christmas craft!

    Good luck with getting everything done before Sunday.

  2. I've decided to skip the tree this year so my house isn't very christmassy, and I haven't started wrapping yet either....aaagggh

  3. wow neet i well say yes to hand made help keep it alive or next it maybe your grand mother's homemade cookies :)