Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Things

There's plenty of new stuff over in the shop. I've just loaded a whole lot of new Tinnies, including some extra special Christmas Tinnies.

Thanks to my fabulous Mum and her op-shopping finesse I also have two new colourways in the shop. You can now order your Tinnie in Red or Brights.

Speaking of new, I've just discovered Google Reader. I think it could change my life. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is YES - I am a little bit slow to catch on.

I'll be back later in the week for "What Shall We Make Today". If all goes to plan I've got a fabulous project for you.

Happy Creating!


  1. google reader makes my day. i must say, however, that I come across so much stuff that when i logged in today it said "1000+ unread"
    truly frightening. truly.

  2. Congrats on your new venture! Being a vintage button collecter, I tend to accumulate the odd vintage tin or six.... If you ever need tins, specially vintage ones let me know and I'll post you a boxful!

  3. Your mum has a very good eye for tins! Lucky you.

  4. Oooh yes .... Google Reader ... friend and foe. When all the blog reading is under control its the best thing since sliced bread. And when I see hundreds and hundreds of unread items (like at the moment!) I want to run screaming from the room!!

  5. hmmm google reader i must try this...i need more order to my blog world.
    First time here and most enjoyable.
    My sister used to live i Thornbury until about 1 year ago....may have been neighbours, heheh

  6. what a cool tin!!!
    yes i use Bloglines and its saves me SO much time but google reader is great too!!

  7. I am just loving this blog, Tinniegirl is such a great idea. I'm desperately saving to get me a tin in the near future.

  8. That fabric is fabulous! Can your Mum go op-shopping for me?!!