Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Birth of Tinniegirl

Tinniegirl was born out of two great passions of mine. Tins and craft.

Growing up as an only child, inspired by generations of creative women before me, I had plenty of time to entertain myself and began crafting at a young age.

My first project many years ago, was a doll’s house made in a shoe box. Edwina lived in a gorgeous 70’s pad with all the soft furnishings her heart desired. Once the interior decorating was complete I fashioned her a full wardrobe including hats for every occasion.

I’ve loved tins for as long as I can remember too. Versatile, practical and often full of treasures they have always seemed to me the perfect crafting accessory. Be it buttons or trims, stamps or papers, what can’t you store in a tin? Who doesn’t have happy childhood memories of grandma’s tin of buttons or mum’s tin of embroidery threads?

Tinniegirl brings these two passions together. Tins full of crafty goodness to inspire your creativity.

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