{come paint with me}

Discovering painting has truly been one of the greatest joys of my life. It’s the thing that I always wanted to do and never thought I could. Throughout my journey I’ve learned to let go and play, and my artistic style has bloomed as a result. My artistic practice is defined by a love of colour and simple mark-making, creating rich, colourful, joyful works of art.

Over the years I’ve had many, many conversations with people who express a desire to paint, but feel intimidated by the idea or don’t know where to start. As a self-taught artist I completely understand this. When I started out I knew nothing about painting. I’ve learned an incredible amount about materials, techniques and finding my own creative voice in the last few years and now I want to share it all with you.

Over 5 weeks, in my gorgeous studio, we will play with colour, learn technique, learn to let go, and create beautiful works of art. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a budding artist this class is designed for you. I’m going to teach you everything I know about painting from beginning to end.

Will you join me for an amazing 5 week adventure with paint?

{the details}

Tuesday 24th July 2012
5 weeks
7 – 9.30pm 

my Northcote studio {address supplied upon registration}

$350 $175 includes the full workshop and all your supplies

*Class numbers are extremely limited. I’ve decided for this first workshop to keep the number super-small. There are 5 places available.

{what's included}
  • 5 weeks of tuition covering basic colour theory, types of paint, painting techniques, layering and mark-making, incorporating collage, mixed-media and imagery into your work, and a whole lot more.
  • Full access to all my studio supplies including paints, various mediums and mixed-media supplies, brushes, mark-makers, etc.
  • All the supplies you need to complete two works of art on canvas, and a book of experimental paintings on paper.
  • Loads of inspiration, resources and direction to continue your painting journey beyond the course.
  • A very small group setting with loads of one-on-one guidance and support from me.

{what you’ll take away}
  • 2 completed small works of art on canvas (canvas sizes around 10 - 12 inches).
  • A book of experimental paintings created throughout the course.
  • An understanding of different types of paint and other related mediums.
  • An introduction to collage and mixed-media.
  • All the inspiration and techniques you need to continue your painting journey after the class.
  • A range of handouts covering course topics that you can refer back to.
  • Confidence, inspiration and an absolute love of painting. 

{course overview}
Week 1 – basic colour theory, selecting a palette, creating backgrounds, introduction to collage.
Week 2 – working on canvas and other surfaces, layering and mark-making with ordinary objects.
Week 3 – letting go, having fun, more layering and mark-making.
Week 4 – adding imagery and mixed-media to your paintings.
Week 5 – fine detail, finishing touches and where to from here.

    {what to bring}

    You don’t need to bring anything except yourself to class (and either an apron to paint in or clothes that you’re not worried about getting paint on).

    I designed this class for anyone who has ever dreamed of playing with paint, without having to invest in a whole lot of supplies and materials that you may not want to use again. I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with painting after completing this workshop and continue painting as a result. In the course handouts you’ll get all the information you need to set yourself up for painting beyond the class.

    The cost of the workshop is $350. This includes your weekly class for 5 weeks, all materials and a range of handouts to take away with you at the end of the class.

    You can choose to pay in full immediately or in two part-payments. For part-payments a $175 deposit is required now with the balance of $175 due on Tuesday 10th July 2012.


    What if I’ve never even picked up a paintbrush?
    Perfect. I’ve designed this class for anyone who’s always wanted to paint but doesn’t know where to begin.

    What if I’m already painting a little bit?
    No problem. You’ll learn new techniques and ideas and stretch yourself creatively. If you’re already painting then you know that one of the best things you can do is dedicate time and energy to your painting and expose yourself to new ideas and inspiration.

    Can I bring some of my own supplies to class?
    If you’re already painting and have some favourite supplies you’re welcome to bring them along and incorporate them into your work.

    What Kind of Things Are We Going To Paint?
    I’m focusing this class on the early techniques that I developed as a painter. Primarily we’ll be working on abstracts and incorporating colour blocking, layering and mark-making. I’ll also be giving you an introduction to collage and the kind of imagery that I work with regularly – flowers and words.

    I know you work with spray paint and stencils. Will this be part of the class?
    Due to the time of year, and likely weather restrictions, this class will be held completely indoors in my studio. Therefore we won’t be using spray paint and stencils.

    Will I really complete two finished paintings?
    Absolutely. Throughout the course you’ll work on 2 small canvases (around 10 x 12 inch approximately) progressing them each week. By the end of the course they’ll be completely finished and ready to hang in your home.

    You'll also have a number of works on paper completed and we'll make these into a book of paintings.

    Will I like them?
    My hope is that you’ll love them. I’m confident that my knowledge of painting and my process will guide you to create beautiful works of art that you can be truly proud of.

    What if I absolutely love painting? How much is it going to cost me to get myself set up after the class?
    It would be my dream come true if you fall in love with painting and continue on your journey after the class. Like most creative pursuits and hobbies, painting isn’t cheap. To get yourself set up with a good range of colours, materials and canvas you’re probably going to need to spend around $250 - $300. That will keep you going for about 6-12 months and you’ll be able to add to your supplies gradually along the way. I’ll give you all the information you need to get a good starter kit going.

    What happens if I miss a week of class?
    I totally understand that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to miss a week due to something unexpected I’ll do my best to catch you up at the next class and set you some homework to do during the week to bring you up to speed. If you already know that you can’t make all 5 weeks then I suggest waiting till I run the class again.

    Will you be running the class again?
    At this stage I'm not sure if I'll be running the class again.  This will be the only time the class runs this year.

    What if I sign up and then have to cancel?
    If you have to cancel and I can fill your place I’ll issue a refund, minus a 10% administration charge. If I cannot fill your place the following will apply:
    More than 1 week in advance: 50% refund.
    Less than 1 week in advance: No refund will be given.

    Do You Have Pets?
    I have two gorgeous cats who I absolutely adore. You’ll probably never get to meet one of them as she’s extremely shy. But my studio assistant Big Cat loves people and will likely hang out in the studio on class nights. If you’re allergic or don’t like cats this probably isn’t the class for you.

    Any other questions?
    If you have any other questions that I haven't answered please email me at tinniegirl/at/optusnet.com.au